very very sad - got a fake tivoli pm...

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  1. Hi there,
    I bought a tivoli pm through craiglists last week. the seller is kinda suspious and I thought it's too good to be truth. the seller told me is authentic and his friend's ex boyfriend bought it for her. Well the title said good quality and good price. I paid $255 for a fake one. He should not tell me authentic when I ask him if it's authentic... what can I do? Paypal says I can't get claim on the quality of goods. I don't wear fake so what should i do?
  2. Sorry to hear about this...

    Most LV's on Craigslist are counterfeit. If it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is... no one in their right mind would sell a new LV like the Tivoli for that low. This also goes to show that you should never trust a seller.. those selling fakes will do/tell you anything to sell it to you.

    I'd contact Craigslist to see what can be done?
  3. you are screwed nothing you can do.

    but why not just go buy from the store. i gave up on ebay and other reselling sites.

    well, you live and you learn.
  4. Did you meet this person to purchase or did you purchase via mail? I would try contacting the person and asking for your $ back. If they are not will, then I don't think there is anything you can do. At least it was only $225. Sorry!
  5. WHy don't you file a complaint in paypal Item not as described. ANd state it's a counterfeit. GEt an authenticity letter from mypoupette and submit it to paypal. just an idea. Hope it works.
    Question to spongebob..did you use to sell in ebay? I am frustrated with ebay they keep closing the auctions as fake even though they are not.. I am going to start a thread asking if anyone is going through the same
  6. SNAD only applies to ebay items. You are not protected on authenticity claims if you use paypal through another source like craigslist.
  7. If you have their phone number perhaps you can trace the seller's address. If he does not return your money, threaten to sue him in small claims court. Also threaten to report him to LV attorneys and fed gov re: counterfeit goods and that selling counterfeit goods is a crime punishable by imprisonment. Tell him its not worth all that trouble and that you only want your money back. Then once he returns your him anyway.
  8. ^^ Very good advice.

  9. UNLESS you specify in your Paypal payment under comments "authentic" and be certain to use a credit card. You then can claim you did not receive the item you won. Paypal will intervene on one's behalf then outside of Ebay, especially because the credit card company is on Paypal.
  10. maybe you can file a claim through your credit card company :sad:
  11. yikes
    sorry to hear, but a "too good to be true" deal ALWAYS is....
  12. This happens to so many people everyday..this too good to be true deal very much live up to what they mean I'm afraid. There's nothing much you can do except to chase up Paypal and file for false description..and stay hopeful..

  13. Don't give up but might need to dig around to find a trustworthy seller. I would buy lower price item from a seller first (less than $200) might be a scarf or key-chain...then only buy after you develop confident.
  14. you should report this seller to louis vuitton's intellectual property department and have 'em arrest this fool! hehe but honestly, listen to cindy05's advice...she knows what she's talking about. hope you get your money back!!
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    Sorry to hear that. I'm always hesitant to trust craigslist.