Very very RARE Paddy!!!?

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  1. Not IRL but it's been on BG's site off and on. I'll deeeeefinitely be passing on this one.
  2. I saw it on the BG site as well. I don't really care for this one, I do however like the silver lizard one :biggrin:
  3. Yeah...and the silver lizard is just a snip of the price of the one above....wanna go halves?:idea: :biggrin:

    To be honest...even if you had millions of £ sat in the bank, would you really spend that much on a handbag anyway..?

    Oh ok then...:lol: :biggrin:
  4. I don't know. I saw the lizard paddy and it was a complete let-down to me. Maybe with the price tag I was expecting a bit more.
  5. I talked about this Paddy just 2 days ago on the main page.. really expensive but nice I am sure!
  6. Not to mention, that picture is taken right off Bergdorf Goodman's website. That's kinda annoying/weird!
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