Very,very late Christmas reveal!

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  1. As the title says,this is a really late reveal of what my wonderful DH got me.Due to being poorly with the flu,and some other horrid virus,today is the first time I have felt up to taking pics.While I was at it,I thought I would debut two other things I have had for a while,but never got around to doing piccies of,so here they all are :heart:
    H things and LV bag 008.JPG
  2. I think one at least is pretty obvious from the box,so I'll do that first!!
    H things and LV bag 009.JPG H things and LV bag 012.JPG
  3. Kelly Caleche, my fav!

    Guessing 3 scarves, a twilly and a scarf ring??
  4. Next up,two of these are actually Christmas presents,so I will do those first,and leave the other to the end
    H things and LV bag 014.JPG
  5. Nearly!!! :tup:
  6. First two scarves!! I love,love,love these!! Now I'm feeling better,I am so looking forward to actually getting to wear them!
    H things and LV bag 014.JPG H things and LV bag 016.JPG H things and LV bag 017.JPG
  7. And then this,I wasn't sure when I would get this,as the color was hard to find,but thanks to an amazing friend,I got one!!!!
    H things and LV bag 013.JPG
  8. Ooohh live reveal, this is definitely distracting me from office work:graucho:
  9. Lovely choices on the vintage. We're twins on the En Desordre.
  10. :okay:Cool!!
  11. So pretty!

  12. And last but not least!!!
    H things and LV bag 015.JPG H things and LV bag 018.JPG
  13. Miss Piggy,Diva999,thank you so much!
  14. Very, very lovely...congrats! Glad you are feeling better so you can enjoy your new goodies.
  15. And,until my Birkin arrives...I am using the carmen to brighten up my LV Speedy,I think the contrast is adorable,and adds such a gorgeous little flash of color!!
    H things and LV bag 007.JPG