Very Very intersting!!! WDYT?

  1. So, there is a Coach Bag I reeeealy want on eBay right now. I found it for BIN (seller #1). While I was waiting for it to get close to ending. I saw the exact same photo on another auction - different seller (seller #2)!!!

    I opened it up. Yep, same picture (handbag on a blanket) and the description was EXACTLY the same - like a cut and paste job. However, it was a little bit more, by about $10 and BIN.

    So I email the Seller #1 and ask "is this your auction too (i provided a link) even though it is a diferent seller name? the picture and description is exactly the same!"

    This is her response to me:

    "Probably, I have it up twice, I need to sell it!"

    WTF? She has ONE handbag up on TWO auctions under different IDs!? What happens if 2 different people BIN on each auction?

    Should I complain to eBay?:confused1:
  2. I have seen an instance where one seller stole some of another seller's pictures. I reported it, but they didn't do anything because it wasn't MY pictures that were stolen, so I am not sure there's much you can do. This is a bit strange, though. I'm not sure how having it listed twice really helps the seller. I would be nervous, as you pointed out, that both auctions might be BIN at the same time while I'm not paying attention, and then I'm SOL because I am going to end up with at least one angry buyer...
  3. Most likely one seller stole pics from the other. That doesn't necessarily mean that the seller who stole photos will send a fake, even though it's always probable. Most likely the picture stealing seller was either a) too lazy to take pictures, b) doesn't have a camera, or c) doesn't know how to crop and upload pictures.
  4. oh, and you can report it, but most likely eBay will do nothing until the original seller reports it.
  5. I would definitely let eBay know. That is potential fraud. If the bag sells at BIN at both auctions the seller has committed fraud by not having a bag available to send to both winners.
  6. I would not purchase this bag because the whole thing sounds fishy to me! Not to mention when you asked the seller if it was also their bag, she responds, "Probably." ummmm....she doesn't know if it's her listing or probably is?? That's just to weird for me! I'd stay away.