very very embarrassing question

  1. Ok, I am a newbie here. With that said now, I have a very embarrassing question. I thought about calling Chanel but I would rather embarrass myself on here where I know everone is nice. What kind of leather is caviar? I've been trying to figure that out since day one on here! Btw, I think I might be crazy but I dictionary dot com'ed it and did a search on here and everything!
  2. Best I can explain it is....caviar is a calf leather with little tiny dotted bumps with texture (somewhat like the texture on LV canvas bags). The caviar leather is a little more matte than the lambskin. Hmmm....let me see if I can use another analogy. Caviar is like skin with tiny whiteheads. Lambskin is like soft smooth baby skin.
  3. Attached you can see a photo of my caviar bag, the lambskin is the one more soft and that looks different.
  4. In my pic below, the two black bags in the middle (Medallion Tote and Classic Flap) are made of Caviar--you can see the little dots. (Open up the thumbnail to view full screen.) The black bag on the right is made of smoother, softer lambskin.
    Chanel family pic.JPG
  5. I have one caviar leather bag and I also have a Ferragamo purse that has a 'caviar' type leather. In my very humble opinion, it is not the nicest looking leather, as it is extremely functional looking (especially compared to lambskin) but after a few years of hard wear, a few snowstorms and thundershowers, it still looks the same. It never changes. It looks exactly as it did the day I bought it. I like those purses more now, than when I first got them!

    So to answer your question... caviar is a very durable pebbly leather.
  6. Wow, so informative. lol. Thanks guys! It definitely looks different from lambskin. Interesting. I think for my first chanel bag I am going to get the petit shopper in caviar (black)! Oh so exciting. Ohh but it won't be for a while. Gotta save up first.
  7. Btw, e-jade, skin with whiteheads! LOL. I laughed for about 5 minutes straight. Whiteheads or not, it doesn't get beat up! That's good to know.
  8. I have one leather caviar bag in really is durable. I know I've knocked the bag around some, but it looks good as new. I think that caviar leather is good for a bag that will get a lot of use......I think it's pretty :love:
  9. Would you recommend the white caviar? I am considering it....I have a black caviar bag already and love it.
  10. What size is your black flap bag in the middle of ths pic? It is beautiful! Also, what's popular...the gold hardware or silver...although your's is black. I think the gold looks classic but with the silver or black it's more wearable.