Very very disappointed at my LV...*sigh* (little rant)

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  1. It's not the staff or service this time...I'm just kind of disappointed that I don't live in a huge city like Hong Kong where they have like six LV boutiques and stuff will most likely be released on time, if not before the anticipated release...

    I've been super excited for the release of Love 2 all week, even after hearing about how disappointing they are IRL. I still want to see them and if I didn't like it, I thought I'd buy something else.

    Well, I spoke with an 866 rep and the store manager and they both said the release date would be the 15th. The manager asked me to call in on the 15th (Yesterday) and they should have them in, since he won't be able to call because he's on leave.

    I called SA had no clue what I was talking about and my SA said they weren't in, not even in the new stock shipment that just arrived before I called. I asked whether maybe it'll be delivered this weekend or Monday, but she said that unless it's an emergency they don't do weekend deliveries and they receive new stock every 2 weeks...which makes the date June 29th :wtf:

    I'm soooo disappointed right now. I wanted to get something for myself for my birthday tomorrow but I can't go ahead and buy just whatever without having seen the Love 2 tote yet and well, the totes obviously aren't in...I thought maybe they'll be here on the 18th but if they receive new stock every two weeks then there's no hope.

    I don't know whose fault this is...LV shipping stock to my store, or just my store. I mean, my "store" is just a counter at a Holt

    Thanks for reading my rant. I'm just really really sad right now because now I'll be self-birthday present-less.

    Anyone else in Canada here who have seen the totes released in their stores already?
  2. karman, sorry to hear that you are upset. I know how much you were anticipating them. I asked about them @ the Banff Boutique when I was up there and I was told July 1 for the Love2 totes.

    Maybe you can get something in amarante? I know you were looking at some items that evening. =)
  3. aw i'm sorry! :sad: atleast you have an LV boutique. there is no LV in qatar. the ones in dubai get new stock one a week or every 2 weeks and to get there is by flight lol so that sucks :sad: hopefully you will get to see it and love it and get a little something extra for your birthday.
  4. So I wonder what constitutes an emergency for them to do weekend deliveries? Sounds funny to me!

  5. July 1st...? :wtf:


    I'd love to get something in amarante (I was debating between a Reade PM or the French Purse) but I'd be in trouble if I got something in amarante and wanted the tote too...I can only spend around the price of a Reade PM this time or else my Beverly would get pushed WAYYYY back...
  6. I know how you feel my store is often late getting things too I feel really bad for them because I know it must cause them a lot of headaches when I waitlisted for the patchwork speedy it was over a month late and eventually I just got it from a bigger store so I don't know if they ever did recieve it.

    I have built up a relationship with on of the bigger branches now so if there's anything I can't get in my regular branch I can call there and get it sent out to me. Have you tried calling the bigger/flagship stores? Will they ship from US to Canada?
  7. Aw i hope you can get a Lvoe 2 tote in the end!
    Have a great birthday tomorow:yes:
  8. Hope you find something that is just as special as the LVoe2 tote for your treat. Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow, Karman! :balloon::dothewave:
  9. I'm sorry that the Lvoe 2 totes aren't in stock and that you are going to be self-birthday present less tomorrow, but have a wonderful Happy Birthday tomorrow!
  10. Aww sorry to hear that, I know my store only got a few in and they are all spoken for. Maybe trying speaking with another SA? Happy early Bday! : )
  11. Karman~ Sorry to hear about your b-day going awry. No denying it "sucks". I don't know what else to say but I am sorry:sad:
  12. Yes. I have to drive for 5 hours...:crybaby:
  13. Awww, I'm sorry! Hopefully you'll get to look at them & decide soon! Happy Early Birthday as well! :balloon::dothewave::party:
  14. Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys :smile:

    I was the first to ask and wait list for these totes so I am definitely getting one from this store, that is, WHEN they get them.

    I called 866 and they said only a portion of the stores in the US got them, and it seems like none of the stores in Canada has received them yet, but both countries' release dates are supposed to be June 15th. She's unsure as to whether the shipment is delayed or not...but hopefully my store will receive a "surprise" shipment and I'll get one this week (or something else)!
  15. First off- that sucks and I hope you find something~ something beautiful that grabs your heart! ;)

    but ITA- at leeeeast you have an LV counter....... all I got is elux and a whole lotta expensive mistake purchases in the past~:crybaby: