VERY Upsetting Reveal

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  1. SO. I was super excited that my SA found me a 14C light pink WOC. I opened the package expecting to see a pretty baby pink but instead I saw this.. I literally want to cry.

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  2. Oh o! What a nightmare!!!! So sorry for u
  3. Oh no, you poor thing :sad:
  4. I'm so irritated! :sad: I've been so excited and now i'm so bummed. I don't even know what to do anymore..
  5. oh no! what was she thinking?
  6. Nash, I am so sorry but you NEED to give them the codes for the bags you want. Don't take for granted that SAs know what we are talking about.
  7. I know ! :sad:( I sent her a picture of the tag of the 14C light pink so I thought that would be enough info for her but I guess not?? UGHHH!!!!! :rain:
  8. I really don't know :sad: Maybe she got mixed up??
  9. Oh noooo I am so sorry this happened to you!
  10. Omg what a horrible mix up!!! I'm sorry that happened to you!!!
  11. Oh no! So sorry, I know how disappointed you must be feeling! I can't understand why she made this mistake when you gave her the code!

    I've been keeping my eye open for another 14c light pink WOC for you!
  12. I know it really sucks! :sad:( Thank you! Please let me know if you ever see one!
  13. I'm so sorry, nashpoo.
    This is a lovely woc as well, but fuchsia is clearly nowhere close to 14c light pink.
    Is there a chance that your SA still has the 14c light pink in-store? If so, she should overnight it to you and provide return shipping for fuchsia.
  14. I don't think she does :sad: She had to get this WOC from her friend that works at a different NM.
  15. oh no :sad::sad::sad:

    I'm so sorry that happened to you!!!! Hopefully she can change it for thr right one!!!