Very upset

  1. I bought a Panda Vavin from let-trade about a week ago. It was really exciting since I've been wanting this purse for a long time. However, today as I was cleaning the panda area with a damp cloth, a scratch mark was revealed! I'm really pissed and upset :mad: because I paid a lot of money for it and could have bidded on one on eBay that ended recently for less than I paid. Attached are the let-trade's pic and my pic of the panda area.

    I just emailed let-trade and am waiting for a response. Has anyone been able to return an item to this seller? I really don't like losing money on re-stocking fees and shipping when the seller misrepresented the purse.
    PandaVavin.jpg let-trade1.jpg
  2. You didn't see that scratch a week ago when you received the bag?? :confused1: :confused1:
  3. The scratch is visible in l-t's pic...
  4. True, but it's much more obvious in hers- I think LT might have tried to disguise it with something.
  5. The scratch was barely visible when I received it... I thought I could live with it. It wasn't until today that I cleaned the area revealed a more severe scratch since it was covered up.
  6. Yup it's quite visible in let-trade's pic...since he does not do written descriptions on his site, I always ask about the condition of the bag through email before I buy. Even if it doesn't look like there's anything with the bag, I still ask if there are any stains, scratches, waterspots, etc. When I bought my pap 26, the bag in the pic looks perfect, but I still asked him about the condition and he told me the hardware was tarnishing and some of the leather was scuffed. The transaction proceeded with no problems and I was very happy with the bag since I can't even see the scuff.

    Any way, let-trade is super should be okay in the end...
  7. hhmm, let-trade is a very reputable seller. All imperfections are usually indicated in his pics. I guess all you can do is to wait to hear back from him and see what he says. If they were represented in his pics though, I wonder what he will do.
  8. I wonder what was used to cover it up.
  9. maybe its just me, but i do NOT think that scratch is all that visible in LT's pix. no, not really at all!
  10. i have heard he does returns. and that you can email him and negotiate the stocking fees and all of that. he has always been very fair with me, personally, but i have only bought, never returned!
  11. I couldn't notice it in Let-Trade's picture, either :confused1: .
  12. I was wondering the same thing.
  13. I was totally thinking the same thing ! LOL. Unless you would know there was a scratch on the bag you would see it on Let Trades pics but its been covered over with something.

    This happened to me on eBay (not from let-trade): I bought a keepall and thought it was in great condition with patina. But when it arrived the bag had a huge mark on it on the I looked back on the pic and it was there but hardly visable...I would have only knew it was there if I had been told. Also the bag had been angled so it was hardly visable...I made a dispute because this was not said in the listing. :smile:
  14. Me too, my roommate told me to just cover it up again.
  15. I returned an item to them. They were lovely. Mine was smelly, so he waived the re-stock (I 'bluntly' asked). When putting my money back into paypal, he did take back some of the shipping...but not all. I will buy from them again. (But like Karman said, I've learned to ask questions.)