Very Upset with Trouville Eluxury Shipped :(

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I hardly ever posted on the LV Forum but recently I decided to get into LV purses and decided to finally buy my first LV handbag. I own a Daimier Azur pochette, but I do not consider it as my first LV handbag. After many days of searching Eluxury I finally decided on the Monogram Canvas Trouville. I waited patiently for a few days and it arrived. When I opened the beautiful brown box, I was not happy at all! My first LV handbag was defective! I am not saying a scratch defect or anything. The stitching was coming out of the front part of the Trouville where it says Louis Vuitton on the vachetta face plate (if that makes sense, I am not sure what you call that front part of the Trouville but it is where you know is the front of the bag). I was so upset. This is not a Happy Thanksgiving from Eluxury to me!

    I wanted to share this story. I will be calling Eluxury tomorrow since they are closed today. I never had problems with Eluxury before. I was just disappointed that my first LV experience was ruined. :sad: Thanks for reading.
  2. Awww... so sorry to hear about that!

    I hope they send the new one ASAP!
  3. Me too. :sad: Thanks for reading. I guess I should not be so bummed out, but it was my first LV handbag experience. Oh, I just noticed you are from Houston. I am from Houston too! Yay!

    I forgot to mention that the stitching coming out of the bag was very noticeable. You could pretty much grab the loose part and tear the whole front face plate off the bag! What happened to quality check before shipment?
  4. Sorry to hear this. I hope you can get your replacement soon.
  5. Aw, so sorry to hear! Elux will handle it for you. I once received a defective or used LV sweet mono ring and they were very apologetic.
  6. So sorry for you!! I've heard few complaints from the TPFers about the quality of E-luxury. They should do something before being banned. I guess you should call them and get replacement fast.
  7. Thanks for the advice! Yes, I will call tomorrow as they are closed today. I just wish my first LV handbag experience was going to be exciting, not disappointing. :sad: I am glad to hear that they will be proactive with replacing defective items. I just hope they will be more concerned with quality checks in the future since I had good experiences with them in the past with small items I purchased.
  8. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you can get it replaced, good luck!
  9. I am sorry to hear about you bad experience with Eluxury. Please call them, and I hope you can quickly get a new bag.
  10. That's too bad, you should have no problem getting a new one. I'm just suprised that got past quality control! First at LV and then Elux??
  11. Wow, thanks everyone for reading and adding thoughts and advice. I hope they will credit me on shipping costs since it is not my fault that the bag is defective and it will cost me to send it back to them. I know the shipping amount is immaterial but the wasted time and hassle of getting it to FedEx tomorrow will suck for me.
  12. Hopefully, everything will work out..don't get too discouraged
  13. Yay! I got off the phone with Eluxury. They sent me a FedEx label so that I do not have to pay for the shipping of the item back to them. They also are sending a new Trouville to me and when my defect item is inspected they will credit that amount back to my Amex since they said it will take 5 days or so to do the exchange and it would be better to just do a return and start a new order so that I get my Trouville sooner since I have some holiday functions to attend in which a nice bag is needed. :smile:

    So another $940 later, I will be getting a non-defective Trouville! Then I can sit back and wait for them to inspect the defect bag and credit my AMEX, hopefully they do this fast.
  14. So sorry that happened!!! :sad: Recently heard a couple similar stories! Hope they make everything it should be!
  15. Yes, everything is gonna be a-okay now! :smile: I hope no one else has to experience a situation like mine.