Very upset with new bag

  1. Okay, I'm having bad luck with gucci. First UPS delivered my black guccissima princy hobo to wrong location on 12/21. They finally tracked it down and redelivered to my house today. I think they sent me a defective one because one side of the bag has nice glossy black leather, the other side looked faded and wrinkly. I don't think the box was tampered and it was delivered to a business location. I hope they'd pay for return shipping because it is unacceptable to pay 1K for a bag that looks worn on one side.
    Plus, the black guccissima leather does look plastic as another TPFer suggested. Sigh, I think I'll just have to look elsewhere for my perfect black bag.:tdown:
  2. ohhh... well I guess UPS is to blame for the initial stuff up but you aren't satified with the quality??? I personally do not own this bag but maybe if you post a pic ppl who have it will be able to comment on how theirs looks. All the best with this!!
  3. I don't blame gucci for the delivery mistake but nevertheless it added to my current frustration. The faded color is quite subtle and I actually need to confirm it in broad daylight but I don't think I'm mistaken. I just think their quality control is poor.
  4. Did you order it through ???? Again, it may pay off to post a pic here. There is a previous thread where someone ordered an abbey tote and was shocked at the quality... but tpfers said it looked fine... anyway something to consider. But I guess at the end of the day... if you are not happy... you are not happy!
  5. I suppose pics would help, but no one can convince me otherwise and I'm just plain lazy and technically challenged. Plus my DH already thinks it's retarded I'm on this forum, I'll never hear the end of it if I took pics.

    I just examined it thoroughtly under brightly lit lights and one side is obviously faded, maybe in a display window? I'm just disappointed and hate the ongoing hunt for a decent, lightweight black bag.
  6. ....then send it straight back. Someone could tell you it is perfectly normsl and it would not make you feel any better. Fair enough too.... I would do the same thing.
  7. Sorry that you'd to go through so much to get your bag and the bag isn't up to par. Can you take it to a nearby Gucci store and do an exchange?
  8. sorry to hear about this. you should definitely call customer service and let them know. my experience with them was pretty good. they will either send you a return label or send a ups guy to your location to pick up the purse, so you won't have to pay for the return shipping.
  9. It should be perfect for the price. Do not accept anyting less than perfect
  10. ^^ i agree.
    but i have that bag in blue and i will tell you this, it will fade eventually with wear. sad but true
  11. SAME HERE!

    My mum bought this gucci bag for less than 1 yr and the side is torn!
    Sent it for repair for TWOOOOO times! and the bag's like never repair before-.-
  12. I'm sorry to hear that you'r not happy w ur purchase. 2 sides of a bag have dif. Color or not matching is def. Unacceptable.
    You should call them and if possible, go to a gucci store and exchage.
    Keep us posted
  13. Definetly return it
  14. return it there is no need for you to keep a bag that youre not happy with. you paid good money for the item so you deserve to have your expectations met.