Very upset -- what do you think will happen?

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  1. So I just bought an Eva 3 weeks ago, the first day they were available...and today i was carrying it around and all of the sudden noticed that the name plate was coming off!!!!!! one of the screws that attaches it to the bag came loose and fell off. I'm VERY upset, because not only is it new, but I had only carried it 3 times!!! It's obviously past the return period, so do you think they'll charge me for the hardware replacement? Or perhaps give me a new one??? I wanted to call the 1-800 number but they're so angry!!!!! What do you think will happen?? I hope I don't get charged!!!!! :cursing:
  2. they better not charge you!
    Id' march right into the store and demand it to get fixed.
    That's awful. sorry to hear about your new bag falling apart.
    That's insane.
  3. It's defective ~ the return period doesn't apply, right? Yikes, it better not. That would be "heck" on their reputation.
  4. they definately should at least repair it for you - if not replace it. I would demand that something be done ASAP...
  5. I agree there is some defect and there should be no charge if they repair it.
  6. Its defective. They should give you a new one. If not I would throw a fit.
  7. It should be under warranty. Just bring it back to the store with your receipt and explain what happen. They will repair it for you at no charge.

    I had to bring a Petit Noe back to LV after I had owned it for about 13 months. The leather at the top of the purse had cracked in several places, so I brought the purse back and my SA said that the repair would be under warranty. I got the purse back in less than 4 weeks with a brand new leather strip and even though it was slightly lighter than the rest of my bag, it will blend in since I don't use this purse that much and the vachetta hasn't patinaed much.

    Sorry, rambling... don't worry! Just bring in your Eva and LV will take care of it for you!
  8. OMG! I hope they do what's right and replace it for you!!! I just bought this handbag online yesterday and hope it's not common that the plate comes off! I would be on fire if this happened to me! Let us know what happens, ok? I'm sure everything will be ok...
  9. Thanks guys, I knew everyone here would understand! I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome, especially all you Eva owners!
  10. What is wrong with LV products now a days???? For the prices they are charging us, it should be a reliable handbag for years . Go straight to LV and demand another one!
  11. They should just exchange it for you.
  12. make sure you take youre receipt to the store when you go back.
    they should have you on the database but JUST IN CASE.
  13. I'm sure they'll take care of it ... let us know the outcome!
  14. They should exchange it for you. Dont forget to bring the receipt.
  15. My girlfriend's Eva had a problem with the chain almost as soon as she had received it, they exchanged it for her no questions asked. I wouldn't anticipate you will have any issues but just in case here's hoping you don't!
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