Very upset about PCE :(

  1. Hi ladies! So im very upset and feeling left out! I though for SURE my PCE card would be in today's mail, but it WASNT! I got one in Sept and the one that came out a few weeks ago- and I used both! My mom, sis and I have spent a lot of money in the Coach boutique in the past few months during PCE, all under my name, so why arent I getting a card? Does anyone have some insight? Is it because I just got the early November one? Im just bummed b/c this is the one that would have been really helpful for Christmas presents :crybaby:Im even thinking about calling Coach up (I dont know who to call- the boutique? JAX?) to ask them to send me one since Ive been a good customer! Do you think that would work? :sad: I know I shouldnt be but I feel like I got jipped :s
  2. I wish I could be more helpful but all I can say is join the list of us on here who have never gotten one except through the kindness of our fellow tPF-ers :flowers:
  3. I've not received one, either, despite multiple purchases. And I cannot even find a generous TPFer because I cannot PM in time!
  4. maybe thats why i dont get one? i never bought from a coach store?
  5. If you don't buy from the Coach boutiques, you definitely won't get a PCE card.
  6. Totally girlfriend has NEVER bought from a boutique, and has only made a couple of purchases from the outlet. She got a PCE card a few weeks ago (which I ended up using). Now, I got a PCE card for the one starting dec. 1....why are they doing PCE's so close together??

  7. There are people who said they have only bought from outlets who have gotten PCE cards in June and/or Sept...
  8. Now the one that went out in Nov was supposedly targeted at outlet shoppers while this one is for regular boutique buyers or say it's been said. But I know there are people who have posted during the last 2 regular PCEs (June and Sept I think) that only bought at the boutique and got one so who knows? All I know is I've gotten nada for all of them. :crybaby:
  9. I've been forgotten too. But its ok, we just spent almost $3000 on car repairs in November, so I can't afford the bag I want this month even with the discount, so it worked out well I guess :girlsigh:.

    Can't wait to see what everybody else get though! Hope someone shares theirs with you glamgirl.
  10. I am sorry... all I can suggest is waiting until PCE time and calling or going into the boutique and asking for the pce discount.. it worked for me back before I used to get a card. :tup:
  11. I made a few purchased at the Outlet over the last year and 1/2. I received items from a regular Coach store but I wasn't the one that purchased them. My first PCE ever was the one for November and I used it at a regular store. I have not received the one for December.

    My brother in law has made a few purchases at the regular Coach store for my sister. He always receives the Coach catalog to his name but has never received a PCE card.

    I am getting one for December from a tPF member that isn't going to use theirs.

    It seems to me that Coach is not very consistent with the mailing of these PCE Cards based on a persons purchases.

    I would try calling Jax. The worse that can happen is that they tell you "no." So it's worth a shot.
  12. I'm really sorry you feel that way but.... you did get one in November and you got to use it whereas a lot of gals didn't get one in November nor are they getting one now so I'd focus on the positive and be thankful that you did at least get one in November. The one in November was a special event just for those who purchase at outlets (although I know some gals got them that also shop at boutiques) and was a tool to draw them into the boutiques. This event coming up in December is for the regular boutique shoppers (again, this is not set in stone because some get them even though they've never stepped foot in a boutique) and is not the same as the one from November. I realize there will be some gals who are very fortunate who will get both cards but I don't believe that Coach actually intends for individuals to get both cards. The way it usually works though, if you go into the store and mention PCE, 9 times out of 10 you will get the discount. If you don't, again I'd focus on the positive and be thankful that you got one in November. A lot of the gals getting PCE cards now didn't also get one in November.

    The one in November, once again, was a special event aimed at outlet shoppers which is why your gf got one because she's purchased from outlets. They wanted her to come in and become a regular boutique shopper.

    I purchased one bag fron one boutique in May of 07 and I got a phone call and a card in June for that month's PCE so it seems to me that the PCE is rather random. I've gotten the card now for every PCE since then except the one in November because while I've shopped at outlets, I haven't shopped there exclusively which was the supposed criteria for getting the November card. :flowers:
  13. I meant to say at the outlet
  14. If it's really important to you, you would visit A boutique regularly and make friends with the SA's there. Even if you don't buy anything, if you're a nice person and ask them to show you things for future purchases, and just in general get to know them so they know who you are...they will help you out with things like this, if they know you are truly interested in Coach and not just getting their deals. I've bought plenty of things that were full price but other times I would not buy a thing and would just go in to chat, the SA's are just happy to be treated like regular people and they LOVE Coach so you can have a good conversation with them! My favorite SA just brings different bags to me and likes to watch me prance with them around the store and laugh with me, another one went to my same college so we chat about Corvallis and football games and such, the point is just acting normal. Or maybe people need to move to Oregon if their SA's aren't like that cause we are notorious for being too nice here :smile:

    I just suggest making an effort to develop a personal relationship because it's always a good idea if you are loyal to a brand - and if you aren't going to get the preferred customer coupon then you can use your relationship to your advantage. Most of the time the SA's will find a way to help you out. But if you go in there with the same type of attitude of entitlement as you posted on here, they may not be as willing. I don't say that to insult, but the way you worded things made it read like you expect to get rewarded all the time when many people on here have NEVER gotten a coupon, not even for the outlet shopper one in November.

    This is the time of year to be thankful for what you have, and remembering that there are a LOT of people in the world that can't even dream of going into Coach, let alone buying something as small as a keyfob.
  15. well to me it doesn't sound like the OP is feeling entitled but rather frustrated - and I can totally relate to that. In fact I could have written something similar to her post to vent. Where else can we vent where others will understand except on tPF? Candace117's advice about building a relationship with an SA is a good one. But it can be hard to do in this busy day and age with work, kids, etc. I'm just glad to be able to go to a Coach store sometimes for a few minutes.