Very unique jewelry, check this out!

  1. Very cool things, lots of ethnic stuff but especially check out Billy's designs...

    I posted this in one of my other entries but wanted to share with everyone after looking over most of the site. SOme thigns are so artistic...prices seem so good too...
  2. definately very unique and the prices seem very good, yes :smile:, i'm kinda diggin some of the pieces
  3. I definently love some of their rings and earrings. Bracelets too. Definently good, if you're sick of the normal looking jewelry and looking for something different once in a while.
  4. wow nice site.. unique ..the prices aint that bad either!
  5. Nice!
  6. I was about to type that it is not my style at all, but then I found about 3 pairs of earrings I liked! :p
  7. Oh yeah! That's nice! I like to mix rose and white gold or silver too. I never wear yellow gold.