Very unhappy with my new Kooba

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  1. Hi ladies,
    Received my very first Kooba the other day, I purchased the Sienna in Sand and I am soooo disappointed! The color is yucky and I am not very fond of the style, the whipstitching on the handles are too large and the leather is soo sensitive, it picks up every single thing. The bag is very roomy though and it wears very nicely but I am not blown away, I thought I would be wowed because of all the testimonials, maybe it's the color the sand is a yucky boo boo brown :yucky: . But it's going back to BG and I am waiting for a Kooba Chiara in black and Botkier Emily in Vachetta. If anyone has either of these can you please tell me something about them. Thanx ladies.
  2. It's amazing how many tpfers are disappointed with their Koobas! I owned the blonde devin very briefly and returned it only because the strap wouldn't stay on my shoulder. I was so disappointed about it but now I am glad because I'm sure it would have been a mess by now! Don't know about the other bags but don't think you can go wrong with Botkier! Good Luck!
  3. I can't agree with you on the style of the Sienna. To me it is a MUST HAVE bag. But I will agree with you on the Sand being a yucky color on that bag. I hated the Sand color on any Kooba.

    I am disappointed with the Charlie Bag but I have 14 other Koobas I adore, so we can't lump all Koobas together.
    I will agree that Botkiers are great Bags also and you should like them well enough. But even though I have 3 I hated the Bianca for the pockets and soft leather (and that is one of their most popular bags) so it is a "to each his own" thing.
  4. I love my Sienna as well, I agree with Lexie, this bag is a must have for me. Sorry to hear you didn't like yours.
  5. I loved the Sienna until every 'tween store knocked it off. It isn't so special anymore.
  6. Well because it has been knocked off so much I wouldn't dare buy one from anywhere but, an authorized dealer, or VERY trusted eBay seller.
  7. I would love to see the interior of a Sienna sitting right next to a Scarlett, opened up wide.

    Someday I will own one of them but am not sure what size is best for me.
  8. I had a Scarlett, and it was so stiff, it squeeked. It was my first Kooba, and I was under the impression the Sienna was the bigger version of the Scarlett, is that true?
    I'd love to see them both compared on here, also, cuz everyone seems to love their Sienna's! I figured she'd be heavy and cumbersome (and squeeky)
  9. I know the Sienna is a very popular style, and it is THE bag that started the whole Kooba-craze, but I was never that fond of that style for some reason. I guess like Lexie said "to each his own". But I adore almost all of Kooba's other styles.
  10. ^I totally agree i felt it was a little too like westernish or something for me, wasnt ever one of my faves i dont think its ugly but there are other kooba styles i like a lot more

    o hope it doesnt turn you off from Kooba completly cause really they are great! :smile: and come in some really nice colors :sad:
    *and also i have the botkier bianca and i love love love the pockets and the soft leather and all so :smile: there are just some bags we all agree to disagree oN! :smile:
  11. Let me get out the camera and I will try to oblige (sp?) you. Neither my Sienna or Scarlet has ever sqeaked but they are the former soft leather. The Pebbled Bourbon Sienna I had was super I sold it.
  12. Every bag company has issues, Chanel has issues, BBags have their splitting tassels, Gusttos have ghetto lining, Botkier has stitching issues, Coach has cleaning issues.

    In other words, no one bag company is perfect. They are like humans, full of wonderful things with a speck of imperfection here and there, that is life.

    If you are that unhappy with any bag, whether it be Kooba or something else, return it to the seller and state why so.

    Trust me, there is a GREAT Kooba out there waiting on you.
  13. In this case since I bought it from an eBay seller, I can't expect them to accept it back. The bag was perfect when I opened it. It is a Kooba leather issue and no fault of seller. That is why I will sell it, take the loss, and proceed with caution from this point on.
  14. the style and function of my Kooba Bonnie is everything i expected and more. the leather sensitivity scares me! it's so prone to scratches and everyone says it picks up color as well. i haven't bought a protective spray yet (i know i know i'm waiting to go to the wilsons outlet...) but i kind of feel like i shouldn't have to, as the bag is retail, worth 295. i just wish the leather wasn't so sensitive. i still love my bag, but maybe it's just my lifestyle that can't handle a kooba. over all i'm satisfied, but i haven't used my bag since 4 days after i got it, seeing as it just kept getting messed with by the world, and my effing cat.