Very unhappy with my new baby paddy, change it for a quilted bay?

  1. As you may remember I recieved my lovely new baby paddy in chocoalote 2 weeks ago. I was looking at her today while she was sat on my desk and noticed that the padlock and hook are starting to peel already, revealing the silver underneath. :tdown: I know this happens after a while (my 07 muscade regular has done the same after 1 year) but ccertainly not after 2 weeks!I have just emailed the company to ask for a full refund as I really don't want to risk it happening again. Have any of you ladies experienced anything similar after a few weeks? Do u think they will refund me?:confused1:

    So the question is what now? I'm not feeling love for paddy locks at the moment so am thinking about using the money I hopefully get back to order a quilted bay:heart:, does anyone have the chocolate colour? Loving the Moca but seems diabro is the only place to get that shade now and I really don't want to risk that. So any suggestions? dark colours only (pref brown) as I can't be trusted with anything light.

    Thanks in advance
  2. i have the same bag as you and it certainly hasnt chipped so badly... in fact, it isnt hardly scratch... I try to be very careful wit my purses, but have children and it is not always possible...
    It is funny, i am thinking of parting with my muscade regular because it is too big... we were meant to have just one paddington!
  3. Well I'm glad its not a universal problem and urs is fine. I think your right about the paddys, find one that fits and stick to it:p

    And Imight be joining the bay club sooner than I thought, that makes me feel less sick about returning my mini.
  4. Given a choice of any Chloé besides a Paddy I'd vote for a Betty! They're a great bag :yes:
  5. ITA... Betty is my favourite style... roomy but manageable... and there's a pocket for everything! I wish it hadnt been discontinued... :hysteric:

    PS I just noticed you are based in Leeds ... I went to Leeds Uni... but that was a long time ago!:shame:
  6. He he ladies, I was in leeds visiting a friend this weekend. Its a small world, or should I say forum????
  7. Wow... i'd love to go back... but all my friends and classmates have moved out, mostly to London... and it'd be weird to go back in the Union and have a Nicky Brown by myself... with a dazzling Chloe on my lap, of course!
  8. "Luisa Via Roma" has a black quilted Bay. I'm not quite sure whether it's okay to order from them. That's why I've just ordered a black quilted Bay from the Chloé Boutique in Munich! It's supposed to arrive tomorrow! :yahoo: The quilted Bay on MissEvil looked so wonderful! Hope you get your money back!!!
  9. :devil::lol: That is true enabling that you are buying a bag because of my bag:lol:
    Anyway I hope you get a refund Cat. It shouldnt start to fade colour after just two weeks!
  10. You deserve a full refund. Good luck with the next bag.
  11. Yeah the student life is fun, but it doesn't suit an expensive bag habit :smile: I go to Leeds a couple of times a year as my best friend lives there, plus it has a harvey nicholas which stock Chloes! Who needs more reasons than those two?
  12. I think I would get the black bay if I couldn't get the moka.

    Good luck!!
  13. :yahoo:Yay...another Bay convert. Go for the Bay won't regret it :tup:!
  15. Hope you get this sorted out soon. Where did you get the bag from, are they likely to give you your money back? Such a shame about the baby paddy though as it looks divine. Good luck :flowers: