VERY Unhappy With Goyard's Quality And Service

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  1. Are you able to take yours in to have it evaluated? I ended up getting a replacement at no charge.
  2. I'm just are they able to turn a profit if instead of repairing bags, they replace them?..
  3. I too purchased 2 St Louis bag in December 2013 and already the corners are worn and my pm has a hole! I am thinking that the 2013 batch of bags are of very poor quality. I very seldom used these bags as I rotate all of my bags so this should not be considered "normal wear" especially at this price point. I got the St Louis PM black on black and a St Louis GM in Navy. Just a bit over a year old and already defected.
  4. It seems like almost all the St. Louis corners wear out. I really want this bag, but every time I read this thread I decided to skip Goyard. This is so sad.
  5. I would skip it. I have a black St.Louis that I got fall 2013. The corners are already worn & one side almost has a hole. I haven't used it non-stop either. I really wanted to get the bright blue or yellow for the Spring but I'm not now. Spending that much money for that bag only to wear out quickly is unacceptable to me.

  6. Thanks just as I was thinking I might finally do it, you are right, it seems to wear too fast, it's off my list. Thank you so much for that! You just saved me money.
  7. Has anyone purchased from Barneys, if so how are they with replacing or fixing the bags. Such a shame that something this cost this much is that sh#@ quality. Surprised they haven't amended this by now! Still really want one of these but I haven't done it yet b/c of these corner problems.. and the handles.. that sounds TERRIBLE. Ugg. If I knew Barneys would have my back if the bag ended up being poorly made I would consider it.
  8. I know this is an old post and I'm sorry if someone already replied, but they're making plenty of profit already. No one truly believes it costs more than $150 to make one of these totes, do they?
  9. Wow this is unacceptable quality and yes I do think I shall cross this off my list also

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