VERY Unhappy With Goyard's Quality And Service

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  1. I've had my St Louis PM for 1.25 years and the corners at the bottom are wearing through. I called the SF store today to find out about repair. It sounds like "redoing the corners" (unstitching and stitching up to hide the splitting seams) costs about $155 and takes 1 month give or take. They also have a new option of adding leather corners at the cost of $355. They just heard from France that the leather corners are on back order and won't be stocked for another couple months. The SA said they weren't aware how popular those corners would be. I think this is indicative of the problem of these bags. I wish Goyard would invest that money into strengthening the current canvas instead. He advised me to call back in a couple months to check on the status of the corners.

    The price of the St Louis GM (currently $1395 for black/$1700 for all other colors) is going up in January, despite a recent increase in September of $40 or so.
  2. They pretty much left you high and dry. Like, wham-bam-thank you for your money-mam.
    So insulting given how expensive their purses are. I haven't had the same cracking issues with my St. Louis GM (black), but I do notice that Goyard can't hold a candle to Louis Vuitton in terms of quality.
  3. Seriously, what is up with all these RIDICULOUS price increases??
  4. I totally agree with you. I have a St. Louis and a Speedy. The Speedy I have had for almost 7 years now (in damier print) and it looks very new except for the ink stains inside :S. However, my Goyard which I've had for less than a year looks more beat up. Super disappointed especially since the goyard cost way more than the speedy.
  5. As a follow up, I took my PM in to drop off for corner repair and the SA was so nice. She asked how old the bag was (bought in 2013) and said she would try and get the corners taken care of gratis. I think she was surprised that they were wearing so quickly, given the rest of the bag was in very good condition.

    Of course, there is no guarantee of how long it will take as the corners are still on back order, but at least I have gotten into the repair line . . .
  6. I disagree with you and with any brand (luxury) they all have issues. Just because you pay top $$$$ doesn't mean you'll get top quality. Regardless if it's LV, Goyard, Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi, Dior, they are bags, not made of perfection. I have bags with LV that come apart within a few uses and others that don't. Same with other brands, so I can't say one is necessarily better than the other.
  7. I wouldn't be quick to assume that because it's a back order this could be an indicator that the bag is poorly made, or others have had issues. It may be that people like this look, which clearly is popular. I must be the only one with numerous St. Louis totes that have never caused me a problem. I am sorry that people have had problems in the past. I have had great luck and phenomenal customer service from them. Something that lacked greatly when dealing with LV and being a customer of the brand for many years.
  8. You can't compare the bags, they are about as different as one can be.
  9. Unless you can standardize all possible conditions (amount of use, way bag is stored, how it is handled day-to-day, etc.) it is impossible to compare brands. I am sure if you treat all your bags like "trophy bags" and handle them with gloves, they would all wear (or not wear) similarly.

    I agree that all bags can have issues irrespective of brand and money spent.

  10. I really want a Goyard bag and was thinking of a St. Louis as a starter piece but after reading so many negative comments, to be honest, I am a little reluctant to spend so much for what is essentially a tote and for it to fall apart or to look beat-up. I went ahead and bought a Neverfull GM today in monogram- I know they are ubiquitous and have been counterfeited all over the world. But I do not want to be a slave to my bag or to be heartbroken with signs of wear (I am extremely careful). So let others think I carry a fake, I know differently which is all that really matters anyway.

  11. I received a phone call today informing me that instead of repairing my bag, Goyard is going to replace it altogether, including the monogram! I was beyond shocked and am so pleased they are standing behind their products in recognizing that the corner wear I experienced was not typical. The SA mentioned that I could change the monogram if I wanted, but regardless the entire bag is being replaced at no charge to me. I never imagined this would be the case and certainly never even considered asking about it!
  12. congratulations. that is fantastic. thank you for sharing.
  13. Yay, that's great news! =D
  14. I've had positive and negative experiences with the brand...

    I had my Goyard St Louis for 6 months before the brown leather strap started leaking colour. I took it back to the London Mount St store where I purchased it and showed them that when I rubbed a white tissue along the handles the tissue was stained brown. My lovely sales assistant was mortified and replaced it immediately. Awesome.

    But also the SAs advised that corner patches would not need to be applied before the 8-10 year mark. I've now had my bag for 5 and it totally needs those patches. I love the aesthetic of the patches but £300 to get them sewn on after 5 years.......sigh!
  15. I've had my St. Louis for about 14 months & it already needs the corners. Really frustrating. I love the bag & the fun colors but I can't bear to pay that much for another bag when the one I have has not held up.
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