VERY Unhappy With Goyard's Quality And Service

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  1. That's just disgraceful of Goyard to make you pay for the shipping after selling you a bag that is in no way up to par. I would never settle for the answer if it was my bag that was falling apart They would regret not taking responsibility. :nono:
    It's even more crucial for the starter bags to be worth the money, because when you're still looking for your favorites, it's easy to leave one disappointing brand behind and go for another one. I don't think I've ever heard of a Vuitton canvas bag that has given up on life within the first 10 yrs of use (if not counting a couple Neverfull GMs in DE that have had their handles stretch and peel but they've been fixed by LV for free or minimal fee).

    I hope your trial will soon be happily over!

  2. My Goyard bags have never had an issue, and I wouldn't hesitate to continue adding more. Adding that it is much more exclusive than Louis Vuitton. The LV bags I have had, all seem to have been sold to me with one issue or another. So, I can't really argue that any of us will ever find one brand that can keep up with the hype, price and exclusivity that remains issue free. Unless you stick with Hermes, and even then, they have their own set of concerns. I hope the OP had a complete resolve that left her satisfied and content. After all, this is what the thread is about.:smile:
  3. I have seen and heard of many stories that LV products have not kept their integrity and I can also speak from experience. Do you own any Goyard products? I ask because while I have heard stories here about Goyard issues, I myself have never come across any problems. I would not say that LV is a better product than Goyard, or vice versa. What it comes down to is individual , and I certainly can't say that because my experiences have been great, that others could report the same. I comment simply for the fact that I have both brands and have had excellent Goyard occurrences, while the same doesn't hold true for Louis Vuitton products and unacceptable customer service.

  4. I agree!

    As much as I love Goyard and want to own one, I don't feel confident buying it for the after care service. Maybe if they had a store in my country I would feel different.

    I've owned LV years and had no quality issues, ever.
    It may not be as exclusive but for me there is a piece of mind of having multiple stores in my city for any after care issues.

    In Goyard's defense - all of the issues I have ever read about are on the St Louis. If there is only issues with one Goyard product, that is better odds than most brands!!
  5. Could we just drop the bag in the store to get repaired without receipt? I cannot find that but the tote is 100% auth
  6. I have a white St Louis PM bought two years ago that I've only used around 15 times as I worry about the color getting dirty. There are tiny cracks in the handle that indicate that the glaze will eventually crack with wear. Then I also have my 8 year old Okinawa PM tote, that cost less than the St Louis back then (was before all those price increases, today the same tote costs twice as much) and it's holding up well. The hardware did discolor a bit and the handles show a bit of wear, but it is reasonable considering the age and wear. But then again the quality 8 years ago might be different from what is available nowadays
  7. Yes.
  8. Quick update:

    After three months, I finally received my bag back from Goyard.

    They did give me new straps. I also have new leather patches on the bag's corners. The bag looks kind of like a knockoff with the patches but it beats having a bag falling apart. All new leather trims have excellent stitching.

    Speaking of stitching, the leather patches make the tote no longer reversible. It looks wonky.

    Since sending in my Goyard, I got a LV Lumineuse PM that I LOVE. The LV can be kind of heavy, so I am happy to have my lightweight tote back. I will likely not use my Goyard as often though because the Lumineuse is a beautiful tote.
  9. Congrats on your issue being resolved!
  10. Hi ladies,

    I have sent an email to GY 2days ago to wish to order a bag. But haven't received any reply from them. I'm just wondering that can I make an order through phone call directly from Paris or London boutique? Would it be faster if I call them to make an order (I prefer not to make any personalization for the bag).

    If yes, Does anyone know any SA in London or Paris?

    I really like GY bag and I would like to have it asap.

    Thank you very much.
  11. :tup: I completely agree with LV having better quality than Goyard. I have multiple bags from each brand and LV (especially Damier) by far is much more durable and always looks new. I've never had a problem with LV quality but unfortunately I can't say the same about Goyard.
  12. I do not have access problems for Goyard at all. We have places selling both LV and Goyard. It is hard to believe that thin Goyard tote can hold heavy books although I have never tried. But LV tote certainly can. Also, at back bay area in Boston, I do not think that there are lots of fakes floating around.
  13. ITA with everyone
    this is unacceptable CS
    please contact a SM in the US instead they should be able to take care of this for you
  14. My St. Louis is quickly approaching a year from being shipped from he SF store after monograming. The monogram is fine, but the corners are warn bad, through even in one spot.

    Is the year warranty from sales date or ship date? I need to figure out if I can get it repaired under warranty.

  15. They consider it as normal wear sadly, every St Louis will end up with holes in the corners. You can get reinforcements (leather patches) on the corners, if I remember it correctly it costs around €150. =)
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