VERY Unhappy With Goyard's Quality And Service

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  1. Before purchasing my Goyard St. Louis PM in Paris, I read as many posts in this sub-forum as I could. I was initially going to purchase a Louis Vuitton Alma PM in vernis leather in Paris, but the more practical side of me was drawn to the Goyard's lightness.

    The consensus was that the specialty color bags' straps were prone to cracking but that the problem wasn't common on the black bags. I asked the SA in the St. Honore boutique about the cracking and I was assured that Goyard stands behind their products and that they would fix the defect if I ever had a quality issue. I purchased a black on black tote and had them paint my monogram on it. I received the bag mid-July 2013.

    After 6 months of use, my bag's handles started cracking and I put the bag away in its dust bag and started using a cheapy canvas tote for a non-profit we support instead.

    I finally took it out of my closet and I noticed that not only was my bag having issues with its handles, but the canvas coating was chipping/flaking off and that the corners were fraying and starting to develop holes. I became very upset that this bag did not last more than 6 months.

    I emailed Goyard and explained the damage, and how both my MIL and SIL have Goyard totes that are five years older than mine and that the wear-and-tear on my bag was not normal. I received a nice enough email back requesting pictures. I sent the pictures...

    And I waited more than 3 business days to hear a response. I sent a follow-up. The SA said that I could just "drop the bag off the next time (I'm) in London or Paris" and they would repair the defects for a fee.

    I was insulted for a few reasons:

    1. They were pretty nonchalant that I could just drop off my bag on a different continent (I gave them my info too so they could verify my receipt).
    2. Goyard made no attempt to salvage my relationship as a customer. They sold me a low quality product and there was no sincere apologies nor are they standing behind their brand's quality.
    3. They were not transparent about the repair costs.

    I really regret not choosing another bag at the same price or buying a pair of fantabulous suede wedges I saw at Louis Vuitton.

    I'm sharing my story as a "buyer beware." I really regret my purchase, and I'm hoping that someone else, in the same position I was once in (feverishly reading posts about the quality), sees this review.
  2. I'm so sorry about your bag and the dismissive reply that Goyard gave. :nogood: What terrible CS! Your experience is making me reconsider about getting anything Goyard. I've admired the brand for years when it was more under the radar but it seems its growing popularity is causing them to cut corners at least with the St Louis. Today it may be the St. Louis that is shoddily made but tomorrow it could be another style. Tsk tsk.
  3. I am so sorry for you, this is horrible CS. Do not give up, because they have to pay the repairs or give you a new bag, since your bag is not even a year old.

    I have the exact same bag and I'm seriously waiting for the canvas to get chipped or the handles to crack, I heard so many stories like these.
    It's a waste of such a beautiful brand...
  4. So sorry to hear about your experience. That's terrible. I too have wanted a St. Louis tote but I saw a Neighbour with the same tote. Hers was monogrammed with stripes & initials. They were chipping quite badly. I have no idea how old her bag was though.

    Seems like a common problem
  5. Sorry about this.

    Did you email Goyard in San Fran? You might want to forward your correspondence to the manager in CA.
  6. Its posts like these that make me just consider buying a no-name open shopper rather than Goyard if its going to fall apart so easily. Sorry your bag is in such a condition and I hope you get it resolved
  7. I am sorry for you and totally understand your frustrauation. The exact same thing happened me with my Givenchy (black) Nightingale. I purchased it on honeymoon in Australia. I live in Ireland at the time there were no Givenchy stockists here. After a few months of light use the handles cracked. Emailed G. and got absolutely no satisfaction, their only response was to bring it to my nearest G. store to be assessed. I would have happily couriered the bag to their workshop/HQ in Paris for repairs but this wasn't offered as an option.

    I was really really disappointed; like Goyard Givenchy are held up as a premium brand and the bag was a big purchase. It put me off buying premium bags.
  8. Op, what color is your bag and when did you purchase it?
  9. Do you have any pictures?
  10. In her post... Black on black July 2013
  11. I had pretty much the same experience with their customer service (the SF store). Never, ever again. Once they have your money, they really don't seem to care in my experience.
  12. Same thing happened with my black one i purchased in may last year.. Will pm you
  13. Thanks - was clearly too early for me lol
  14. I was going to suggest this also. I always am treated so well with the manager in Cali. She goes above and beyond when I've been in that location. She is never rushed (there are always customers when I've arrived), She takes her time with me, and wants to see me happy. I can't believe that it seems as though I'm the only one that has never had issues with this style. I hope you don't give up OP, and they resolve this for you. For the price, you deserve impeccable service, far from what you got. I hope to read a happier update-
  15. So sorry to hear about your bag and the bad cs you received! My husbands wallet is also starting to chip after only a few months. It has been used gently and was a birthday gift. I will bring it back to the store tomorrow with the receipt. I'm not impressed with the quality.
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