very unhappy..any ideas on what to do now?

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  1. I own two coach tote bags, one is a sig shoulder tote that i got about 2 1/2 years ago, and the other a sig stripe tote that i got just about a year ago. The last time i went to the coach store( i live a few hours from the closest one) i asked if things like handles could be replaced on bags and that kind of thing. she said "yes, they do do that as long as they still have it". well after only about 5 months haveing my second bag, the edges on the handles started to peel horribly and fray, i pretty much stoped useing it then...and i figured id have them replaced when i was there next. since im not getting there any time soon, i called and talked to the manager and asked about haveing them replaced( and said im willing to pay for it) she gave me a number to call...where i was told COACH NEVER REPLACES ANYTHING ON THEIR BAGS UNLESS ITS A FACTORY DEFECT AND WAS JUST PERCHASED. .... im not sure if there is anything i can do at this point, like i said this started happening when i only had the bag for a few months...and it hasnt happened on my bag that iv had for 2 years, nor any of my sisters bags.
  2. I would call Coach customer service and ask them. I've had a store tell me something couldn't/wouldn't be fixed because it was "normal wear and tear" and the bag was a week old. Coach sent me a new bag and told me I was able to return it and get a credit if I wanted.
  3. Definitely call the 800 number and ask their customer service rep. I've never had any bad experience with a SA, but it seems like you can get conflicting information from different SAs. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
  4. it was actuily when i called the 800 number when i was told that...the store manager i talked to said they would probly give me credit..and had ,me call the 800 number. hm i guess ill call again, idk couldnt hurt i guess.
  5. Coach CS is great , you will probably have to send it in so they can inspect it and tell you if its a factory defect. the worst that can happen is you spent $10 to send them the bag if they end up telling you its wear and tear. But if its a defect hopefully thay can fix it or give you credit towards another bag.

    good luck
  6. You can send in your bag to the repair center for $20 and they will either repair it or give you a credit with your bag back. They were giving full credits previously, but they don't seem to be doing that right now.
    Either way, Coach usually gives you some kind of credit for bag flaws.
  7. Maybe ask to talk to a supervisor in JAX?
  8. Wow sorry to hear about that I would try to call again and again until you get the results that you want