Very underweight but still have muffin top??

  1. I am 5'9" and I weigh 115, and you can literally see my ribs in the front and the back. That being said, I still have fat in the muffin top area, and it is really bothering me. I clearly cannot stand to lose anymore weight, not even a couple of pounds, so how do I get rid of it without losing weight?!

    I have been buying new clothes and trying several different sizes, but if I find a pair that doesn't give me a slight muffin top they are at least a full size (or more) too big in the rest of the pants.

    I do 30 minutes of high intensity interval cardio 5 days a week and I eat around 1800 calories a day. No soda, no fast food, limited intake of "white" carbs, and lots of fiber. Other than that I kind of eat whatever I want as long as I stay within my carb limit.

    Any suggestions??
  2. pilates. my core section has completely tightened up and I have even lost the extra-fat (due to weight loss but also due to the pilates exercises).
  3. I vote for Bikram yoga! My core has never been tighter/stronger than it is now after 3 months of Bikram. Not even in my most active times where I would run/swim/spin 5 times a week.

    Other than that: lipo. The fat in your "muffin top" area is part of your genetic figure type. I'm the same way btw. I was underweight and it was still there. Heck, it's still here now. But it's way less noticeable now that everything is tighter around that area :biggrin:
  4. I tried yoga and hated it, I am way too fidgety and way too high strung to just stand still.

    The thing is that ISN'T my figure type. I put on 15 pounds over about 5 years and then had a muffin top, but I never ever had one before that... that's why it is so disconcerting!

    I have tried a little bit of pilates and have been meaning to get back into that.

    Are there any targeted exercises I can do? Do I just need to suck it up and lose more weight?
  5. do the exercises, if you are already VERY underweight becoming SEVERELY underweight will cause more problems than the muffin top is even worth.
  6. I definitely think that you do not need to lose more weight!!. I do the hundreds which mainly does it, sometimes I add a couple of exercises for the core section, I do plenty of other exercises for the legs/butt area - I only do pilates anyways. I am not the belly girl, rather thighs are my problem area, but after two kids it is hard to get rid of the muffin top. I am definitely much happier right now.

    also, i eat no carbs/sugar in the evening which works great.
  7. i used to be very thin and even thin, skin will hang if its not toned so you have to work out. i hate to say but worse case scenario, you separated your stomach muscles (it can happen w weight gain if its too much for your body most often occurs in yoyo dieters) and then there isnt any workout to pull those back together. It happened to my gf who had three kids in 5 years (constant weight gain and loss) her dr said her only option was surgery to pull the muscles back together
  8. Maybe it's stress related? Stress releases cortisol which leads to belly fat. So even though you are thin, your body is being told to store fat because nervous chemicals (cortisol) make your body think maybe something horrible is happening and stores fat for a famine (to be honest, I am kind of making up that - not the cortisol and body fat part, but the reasoning why it happens, but it sounds plausible!)
  9. I think you should change up your exercise regimen, I remember you said you were doing HIIIT but also that you were doing it on the elliptical by selecting one of the programs.

    I personally do it too - but even half an hour on that isn't much of a workout for the muscles around your torso area. Did you maybe think about getting 1-2 sessions with a personal trainer to help you develop exercise regimen to taget that area ?

    Loosing more weight would be pointless.
  10. Holla! I am also 5'9" and weigh 115. I am prone to get the mini-muffins with little weight fluctuations and with certain types of clothing. A lot of leggings do it for sure. I loooove high-waisted pants, but I hardly ever wear them because when I sit in them it looks like I have rolls.

    I'm a professional bellydancer, so I spend a lot of time looking at and obsessing over my own and others' midriffs. :lol: My favorite exercises for toning the midriff area (and the whole body in general) are found within the Bar Method workout. For those of us who cannot stand to lose any weight, a bonus of this workout is that it is not particularly cardio-intensive. They say it burns calories--and you really do work hard--but the focus is more on intensely working the muscles with very small movements, rather than with working up a sweat with rigorous exercise.

    There is a Bar Method exercise called "the pretzel" which works the muscles along the sides of your waist. It predominantly works the glutes, but as soon as you get into the position, you feel your obliques tighten as well. On top of that, I really love the whole ab section in their "Change Your Body" DVD.

    Another thought... If you are over 30, one small contributing factor may be your skin starting to lose elasticity. When the skin is tighter, it holds everything in a bit better.
  11. other than strengthening your core and surgery, there probably isnt much you could do or should do. it sounds like you might be too hard on yourself appearance-wise. its a good idea to try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, but being overly critical of your body is not healthy. you might want to talk to your pcp for suggestions. body image is difficult to deal with, i totally have problems with it too.
  12. Jordanjordan, I saw some pics you posted of yourself, and tbh, "muffin top" was absolutely the last thing I was thinking--you look great! I know you're not fishing for compliments, but I think we are all much harder on ourselves than we should be. I don't think you should lose weight, but if it makes you feel better, then maybe start doing some core exercises. The elliptical is great for burning calories, but it won't tone up your midsection much.
    Also, I don't know how old you are, but as we age we store fat in different ways. My metabolism was crazy high in college (I would eat absolutely everything and was so much skinnier), but now that I'm about four years out of college, I have to watch what I eat and exercise. Also, a good indication whether this is genetic is to look at how your older female relatives shape.
  13. Thank you for the suggestion, but I have no body image problems. I am happy with the way I look except that area, and I have asked other people and they agree that is my main problem area.
  14. Thanks! I probably shouldn't have called it a muffin top, but it is just fat in the area traditional referred to as that, and only in certain clothes (like low rise jeans), the ones I posted were a mid rise and that seems to cover it up well.

    I'min my mid twenties so I guess I should start getting used to changes in my body! I really want to tone up the whole stomach/lower back area, because since I've lost the weight it seems flabby in those areas, which wouldn't normally bother me but being so thin everywhere else it looks a little strange. I actually am probably going to gain a couple of pounds back because I don't think I look my best this light, but I'd like to tone up and get rid of some of this fat while doing it, which seems to be the hard part for me.
  15. Thanks for all the exercise tips, that is exactly what I was looking for! I am going to add pilates back in to my routine and do a core video I have that I enjoyed in the past and hopefully that will tone up my hip area and lower back.

    Also, whoever said stress, that makes total sense. I'm in Grad school and have had some health issues this year so I have had plenty of stress. Hopefully when things slow down soon it will be easier to lose the weight!

    Thanks for all of the encouragement! sorry for the back to back posts but I'm on my phone and it doesn't let me see anything but what I'm posting so I had to respond in spurts.