VERY UN- Prada???!!What do you think??!

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  1. [​IMG]saw this at Style

    in 3 colors...too tiny...but I cant help but notice this is SOOOOOOOOOO NOT Prada looking...!!!
  2. Oh, I can't really see the bag, but from what I can tell, it looks kind of strange.
  3. Here's a link to a more detailed pic of the bag. All I can say is EEWW! It reminds me of those cheap, paillette covered hobo sacks that I see 15 year olds at the mall carrying.
  4. hmmm, though I usually like Prada bags, I definitely wouldn't spend $800 on that bag
  5. Ummm...
  6. ps- I meant to say...I normally LOVE Prada......this one is ICKY!!!
  7. Not for me either!
  8. I was looking at that bag this morning! I love Prada too, and I do agree that this isn't in their usual line.
    I think it ddefinitely doesn't look like an 800 dollar bag, either.
    It reminds me of the bags that were being sold by one of the big shoe retailers last year (can't remember the store, but it is one of those generic ones, that are in every mall).
  9. I just looked at the close up pics again. I kind of like the material that the bow is made out of.
    But, as a whole, the bag is not for me!
  10. [​IMG]However,I just got THIS wallet from Prada it!
  11. That is gorgeous, Jill. Very clever looking. I love the design sense of it. What does the inside look like? Good spaces?
    I love how they placed the logo.
  12. Jill, were you the one who had new pics of Prada goatskin frame bags? If so, can you post?
  13. Yes-that was me...My Prada SA calls me Prada momma!..I buy way too much
    I have her email with pics of new bags that came in-give me a few secs to figure out how to paste them!!

    PS-I have this wallet in a belt version too-ITS AMAZING!
  14. I'm with you. I love Prada too. I would absolutely love to see pics. of those bags. Thank you so so much, Jill!

    Love the wallet!
  15. Melisande- I couldnt paste (I am a computer idiot!)the email pics my SA sent me...if you want to see the new bags..Email me and I will send to you via email.
    PS- The wallet and belt are at -the wallet comes in 2 sizes-I have the big one. Very functional!