Very tiny cell phone - Recommendations, please!

  1. Hi, Ladies

    I dropped my cell phone so I need a new one. Finally!

    I want a really tiny phone. I don't want a camera and all that. Just a phone.

    Any recommendations?
    Website addresses with pics appreciated!

    TIA :yes:
  2. Motorola Pebble or Razor?
  3. If you don't want anything fancy, I'd recommend looking into a Siemens phone. They're very good quality and are affordable!
  4. Thanks for the tips, LisaG. I hadn't heard of the Pebble.

    I looked up the measurements of both phones. They are both around twice as big as I hope to find.

    I would like to find a phone that is about half the size of the smaller one (the Pebl).
  5. hmm. Smaller than the Pebl... I can't think of any off hand. I will try and find more!
  6. One to stay away from is the Razr. I really do not like mine
  7. Oh, I love my Razr RED! But I don't think it is all that small.
  8. my mom has a razr and she loves her too...
  9. the pantech above is the smallest on the american market, i believe, but it's also a gigantic piece of crap.
  10. what about the nokia 6111 i have it in pink.. its tiny but slides and has a camera ( i know you dont want one but still)
  11. I have the Pantech as well


    It's great for going out when I just have a clutch or pochette and don't want my BlackBerry or other cell phone with me. I would not recommend it as a primary phone unless you need very barebone minimum features. But I do like it because it's a flip phone (my Samsung is a slider which took some getting used to).