Very surprised with for coach.

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  1. I live in the northeast and have never heard of Belk. On a google search I found sold coach. I wanted a crossbody in Mauve that I was having trouble finding. I saw that had only one left at about 45% off. Now seeing that they only had one left, I was sure it was going to be a return or store display. When it came today, I was shocked. It was pristine. Still stuffed with paper and cardboard, all the handles, tassels and tags were still wrapped, and it came in a sealed clear coach bag. Also had the dust bag inside. And it was packaged in the box very nice, not like macy's who just throws it in a box. So if any of you are looking to get a coach bag, look at I was very happy with the purchase!
  2. Sometimes they have great sales I got a MK bag very cheap .I had brought one same in another color at Macys not such a deal I love the design so happy to have it in 2 colors.
  3. I've never shopped at Belk. My order from Zappos came wrapped beautifully too.
  4. And lucky you no tax either. Belk is a great store, if I moved back north again I would miss Belk and Dillards but Belk more.

    They have two annual charity sales, May and Nov and it is the only time of the year you can stack discounts. I got a newly released MK bag for 45% off that way.

    Oh and Belk has honored my PCEs before too
  5. My Belk here in Georgia actually doesn't carry Coach in store which I think is odd. There's also a Macys, Dillards, and actual Coach store in the same mall so maybe they just don't want to compete with it all. Glad to know they are good for the website though.
  6. The sale prices on the Belk website are pretty good right now. Not as low as outlets or FOS, but a decent alternative for those who can't get to an outlet (or FOS) or are looking for an item they can't find at outlets.
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  7. They have a lot on sale 43% off I have a coupon code 15% so brings it down will pm if anyone wants it.
  8. Yes, please!
  9. Hope you get some nice bags I was looking at black twisted large phoebe code brought it down to$285.59 from $598 good deal but im banned.
  10. It might be a compete thing but I think they only have certain designer bags at the Belk "flagship" stores. We have 3 Belks in Charlotte and one very close in SC and only one carries Coach, Kate Spade, MK etc
  11. That would explain it. They had a big MK display and another one I either can't remember or didn't recognize the designer. Very small compared to the others.
  12. The code will take the mauve Mini Tanner down to $123. Not bad!
  13. Is it a one time use code? I had one, but it says Coach is excluded. It's one for
  14. I can never get Belk codes to work for Coach either.....
  15. So ladies I emailed code to you it does work on Coach I put phoebe in bag took off over $50 but I am on ban.