Very stupid questions, but hey, I am new at this!

  1. Ok ladies and gents, please help your resident idiot who is going to try selling on eBay for the first time.

    I have two really stupid questions but I am clueless so please give me any pointers you have!

    1- If I list an item and it doesn't sell, do I have to pay the listing fee to renew the auction?

    2-Can you do an 3 day auction rather than a 7 day auction?

    Thanks everyone for your help!!!!
  2. Ok, one more stupid one- do you often list in your eBay listing your PF id so people will know that you are trustworthy?
  3. 1- Yes, you have to pay the listing FEEs all over again, but if it sells they will refund part of that.

    2- You can list for however long you like up to 10 days. Seven is the longest without an extra FEE.

    Get the gist here? eBay's theme song:

    With a fee fee here and a fee fee there
    Here a fee, there a fee, everywhere a fee fee
    Old MacEbay had a fee
    Fee I, Fee I oh brother........

    On your PS- I don't put any connection with tPF. The scammers have picked up on that tactic too, so it's mostly meaningless...
  4. LOL!!! Thank you so much for your quick response! I am nervous about this- but going to give it a try. Can't hurt, right! Well, except the part about making Old McEbay richer with all those damn fees! OUCH!
  5. They aren't stupid =D
    You do have to pay the fees even if the item doesn't sell,in my opinion i don't see why they should charge that fee.
    Second you can list your item up to 10 days really o.o,but in one i tried to sell this Coach bag and it didn't let me do 3 days,but 5 day which was weird.Also they do charge extra for 10 days i think is a $1.00 more or something.
  6. Hi Jag,

    Yes as Prad has said you pay fee to relist but part refund if it sells. If you have to relist several times you only get the one refund.

    You can so 1, 3, 7 or 10 days I think it is .40 for ten days

    I state that I am a member of TPF on some auctions I havent put my ID

    Good luck with sales
  7. Excellent. Right now I am trying to figure out if I should do a reserve or a BIN option. Any advice?
  8. I ALWAYS do a buy it now - you'd be suprised how many people are willing to forego the bidding war on something they really want. I think reserve auctions tend to turn people off a bit, b/c it's kind of a guessing game. I only ever list for 7 day auctions - 10 days aren't worth the money, and remember how much time you lose before your listing even SHOWS UP in the search results! That wipes out 3 day as an option for me, too! lol! - here's a link to the free re-list policy.
  9. Thank you so much! I have one more question- where can I get one of those purse tags so that I can avoid a bait and switch?
  10. You can get them from ebay or several online places. Google 'tyvek'.
  11. Oh I got that link from TPf I will check for it Jill. I just dont accept returns that sees to that!
  12. So if I say all sales final, then I don't need to worry about this?
  13. I know I sound like a total bafoon, but I just don't want to make a mistake. Can I just attach it to the handle of the bag? or even a Zipper pull?
  14. Sorry Jill I thought I saved it to favourites not there :sad: