Very small purchase

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  1. I have been very good lately, and haven't bought a bag since my black Paraty. When I heard this bag was available, I knew I had to have it. But I also knew it meant getting rid of a bag which meant a lot to me, even though I never used it. I was going back and forth in my mind between practical and sentimental, finally my head won and my old bag moved out to make way for a newbie.
  2. When you see the bag you may think, hmm - that is not very practical - which is correct. But it fills a whole in my bag wardrobe which sadly my departed bag could not.

    I had been tempted by another Lily, but the hefty price tag put me off (I got my Oak one before the price went up, which softened the blow) Also I don't really like to replicate styles - except for Bays which is a classic.
  3. I present my beautiful Black wrinkled patent Ledbury. I couldn't be more pleased with her and can't wait to take her out for a spin tomorrow evening! She is accessorised nicely with my initial keyring, and the colour combo matches some lovely shoes of mine ;)



  4. Modelling Pic for reference

  5. oh CF, she is completely and utterly adorable. I think at this stage too, this is gonna be more useable for you than the Bayswater - its so cute, but I know you made a huge sacrifice ;) !!
  6. Congratulations, she suits you perfectly and I think she is very practical actually - will laugh at the rain, and black is such a classic, it goes with almost everything!

    There's something so cute about the Ledbury that always makes me smile.
  7. A brilliant match to your shoes, I wish I could wear heels like that!!
  8. that ledbury is gorgeous - congrats :smile:
  9. Love it !!:woohoo:
  10. Ledbury is gorgeous, just a perfect match to your shoes!
  11. Gorgeous ledbury, CF.

    Looks fab with your shoes too!
  12. She is adorable! And what a perfect match with your shoes - is that our new Mint velvet outfit as well? Looking great.
    Which bag went to make space for little Led?
  13. Wow gorgeous bag/shoe combo! congrats :Partyhat:
  14. Small but beautifully formed. Love the shoes and I too wish I could do heels like that
  15. Wow, what a gorgeous little Led and together with those killer heels :ps:
    Congrats! You will have lots of use and joy from your newest family member, I'm sure!