Very small, but rapidly growing!

  1. It seems that VB's aren't well received here but that being said, they are perfect for my daily work bag.... I am a pharma rep and I don't want to worry about ruining a good bag, leaving a good bag in the car while I am in an office or hospital, or "showing off" an expensive bag. Here are my VB's...and I do like them... but I switch to my Gucci or LV for evenings and weekends!


    My Gucci Pelham is about 2 years old and probably heading to eBay soon. I just don't enjoy carrying it anymore and I am hoping to fund more Louis Vuitton in the near future. I love my Pouchette and have a Neverfull GM coming from elux this week. Yeah!!!!
  2. very nice collection. I love your MC pochette
  3. Great collection!
  4. Ohh love all the colors! Thinking about getting a small VB item soon. The MC pochette is too cute!
  5. I use my Vera Bradley more than my designer bags too! It's my diaper bag, and I learned the hard way, that washable is always better when it comes to baby boys.
  6. Cute pochette- can't wait to see your new Neverfull!
  7. Love your collection...Super cute MC pochette!!
  8. My Neverfull GM arrived yesterday but I am not sure about it at this point. I can't decide if it is too large for me. Maybe I should have gone with the MM??? The reason for purchase is to use it as a baby bag, then a tote. It won't be used as a "handbag".

    Here are some photos. Sorry I haven't yet mastered the art of the mirror shot!


  9. ^^^looks great on you ... it would make a very nice baby bag, very roomy and holds a lot. I use mine to carry my laptop to work and on overnight trips. Congrats on the new addition!
  10. Here in the South, VB's are super popular, especially with the younger crowd. And you did fine with your mirror photo!
    I'm not into huge bags, in other words, the Neverfull PM was perfect for me.
    On a side note, it used to tick me off to pay $20.00 at KMart for a handbag, since I was only using it to shlep my crap around. Now I love LV's and Chanels.
    You may want to run now while you can- spend enough time on tpf & you will develop a serious bag addiction.
    With that said, WELCOME TO TPF!
  11. Your Gucci Pelham is beautiful! Your VB collection is great!
  12. Nice!
  13. Wow! that Neverfull is HUGE!! :wtf:
  14. Neverfull is beautiful- love your mc pochette
  15. i love your vera bradley!!!! espically the pink elephants!