!!VERY Scary!!

  1. I know we have a "Ghosts" thread already but I felt this deserved it's own thread...My boyfriend showed this to me the other night and I about nearly fainted when I watched it the first time. It is said to be real and not acting..I guess some people have been filtering the clip and the "crying" and have said that there is nothing that seems to make it fake! IDK either way it's scary as all hell! Don't watch it alone unless you dare! :graucho:

  2. oooh what is it?? I am too chicken to click on the link! LOL

  3. lol I know if my bf was not around I don't think I could have watched it alone either!!!! Watch it when your with someone! :sweatdrop:
  4. ahahahahaha. Too funny!!! ^^^It's supposed to be a shadow of a little girl. I didn't hear any crying. I found it funny how quick they shut the door once the thing stood up. I would of tried to talk to it.

  5. Yeah, the first time he opens the door she's like see through crouched on the floor or something...then when he opens it the second time she's standing with no legs touching the ground! And the crying is very faint throughout the video...but listen when they open it the second time she like hisses or something!
  6. I wanna click but I am too scared!!! :huh:
  7. where is the link?
  8. shooot! me too. :sweatdrop:
  9. I just checked you tube says video is not available?
  10. I still see the link and it still works for me...

    here it is again toonie:

  11. Help!!! I'm too scared to look at it :sad:
  12. oh brother :lol: there is nothing to it, really!
  13. lol I guess I scared y'all a tad bit too much huh? Well I would rather warn everyone then not because it is definitely creepy! :death:
  14. its not too bad...and im usually a scardy cat. Im skeptical to it being real though...just something about it...
    If I did see something like that IRL I can swear my ass would be out the door and into the next town in record time though...
  15. Ahhh, just watched it!

    Scary :sad: