Very scary thing happened to us this morning....

  1. ...I was walking my french bulldog and a huge bull mastiff saw us and pulled away from his owner and charged towards my baby. His owner came running after him, yelling, and all I could do was stand there in shock while the mastiff went around in circles on my baby. When my neighbor came up to him, she was able to easily pull him away. I didn't see that he had bit her - I think he just roughed her up a bit.

    But then while we continued on the walk, I could see that her hind leg had some blood on it. We rushed home and I took her right to my Vet. I was hysterical crying the whole time, although she seemed fine. She was walking normally and was her usual loving, happy self.

    The Vet examined her and said she was fine...just a surface injury which may have even been caused by one of the leashes rubbing on her leg, since there were no puncture marks. He said she was very lucky, though. With no help on my part...I was standing there in shock and couldn't move, even though I could see him charging. What is wrong with me? All I had to do was scoop her up. I feel so awful, but I am so thankful that she is okay.

    Thanks for listening :heart:
  2. I would have done the same thing, reacted the exact same way. You never want your baby to be hurt and that is a very scary experience. We have a neighbor who walks here very large dog without a lease. And everytime we are out there with that same dog, he comes charging at my little ones. It was really frightening the first time and my heart just stopped b/c I wasn't sure what to do. It still scares me a bit now, but at least I know that is what the big dog does and he is not trying to hurt my dogs.

    I am glad that your baby is okay!
  3. This is going to sound crazy to everyone, but the I worry about this a lot, as there are a bunch of ppl who let their dogs off leashes. I think if I see a dog approaching off a leash I would try to put my dog either in the back of any random truck parked on the street or even on the top of any car parked on the street, I know that sounds nuts, but I am thinking that my goal is to get my dog out of harms way and what else can I do, other than pick up my dog but then the other dog might just attack us both. I look to others for other ideas!!
  4. I'm glad your dog is ok. Once an unleashed Schafer (I don't know if I spelled that right) RAN at full speed towards my little Bichon. I PANICKED and picked my pup up as fast as I could. The owner was calling the dog and it stopped just a few feet in front of me and turned around, probably because I was covering her with my arms. I really aggravates me when people can't control their dogs/don't leash them :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing: And for the record, I don't CARE if your dog is "nice" or "wouldn't harm a fly", because 1) you don't KNOW that, nor do you know how the other dog is going to react to your HUGE dog charging it, and 2) I don't KNOW that, and it freaks me out when I see a strange dog running towards my little one, teeth out :cursing: I have a neighbour like that, she never leash her GIGANTIC dog, and it runs towards my dog (not in a happy wanna play kind of way either :s) and it scares me to death every single time, and she actually ROLLED HER EYES at me!! :cursing:
  5. Grace, Irish and keya...thank you for your responses and kind words :heart: This was the first time anything like this has ever happened to us, but it sounds like a somewhat common occurance.

    keya, I wish I would have been able to react as quickly as you did by picking your baby up. You are absolutely right, too, about not knowing how either dog will react once they come in contact with each other. It is already tense with the larger dog charging in!

    Irish...not crazy at all to be thinking about these things. Why are so many people walking their dogs unleashed? In New York, all dogs must be leashed in public places unless it is someplace like a designated dog park where dogs can go unleashed. The big guy that came at us today was leashed, but he is so strong that he pulled it right out of the owner's hand. She must not have had a good grip on the leash yet as they were coming off of their property.

    Grace...I feel like I let her down...wasn't there to protect her, etc. I hope she feels safe with me still.
  6. I'm sorry this happened! I have had a similar issue lately w/ a pit in my neighborhood. It is really scary thinking something is going to happen to your fur critters. I'm glad your girl was not hurt bad.

    I snatch my guy up so quick when I'm afraid something might happen that I even pulled up my skirt once, b/c his leash got caught!
  7. at the park I rarely see a big dog on a leash because the owners love playing fetch instead of walking them, it pisses me off and I pick up my pup just in case. The unleashed pit bulls scare the crap out of me.:cursing:
  8. I am so sorry this happened to you. You did fine, you scooped your dog up and got her out of harms way. I am sure it was very scary. I am glad you little pup is fine, but I am sure it was very traumatizing for both of you.

  9. How scarey! I would mortified.

    It was probably best that you didn't pick your dog up, if you had the mastiff may have jumped up on you to get at the dog and you and your dog both may have been injured. The best thing to do, is get your dog behind you and keep both dogs from making any eye contact.

    Next time you see the owner, you may want to mention that he could get his dog fitted with a gentle leader, this way the dog, no matter how big he is, wouldn't be able to pull away from his owner. We use them at the training center and they work wonders.

    I am glad to hear your frenchie is ok.
  10. That is sooo scary! And my worst fear! I aam soo happy to hear your little one was ok, I would have been hysterical too, those little babies you just want to protect them from all harm. I dont appreciate people having their dogs run wild in public, its scary.
  11. I take my dog to the beach a lot in the summer and let him off the leash (he's a baby and doesn't like getting his paws wet, so he walks next to me while I walk in the surf). There are a TON of other dogs there normally and they all run around and play with each other, but I never understand when people let their aggressive dogs off the leash! Once Jake was playing with this huge great pyrenees and the dog seemed fine, but then the owner decided it would be smart to feed his dogs treats with Jake right there! Naturally Jake sat near him because he wanted one too, and the other dog got really food-aggressive and attacked him!!! I was so scared I nearly started to cry, since Jake is such a sweet, passive sheltie and the other dog was like 3 times the size of him! Luckily he was ok (even though he limped a little bit at first) and the owner kept apologizing, but I was still really angry. I mean, if your dog is the least bit food-aggressive, why would you bring treats when your going to be around a ton of other dogs. It gets me mad just thinking about it.
  12. SO scary...I am so sorry this happened to you and your pup.

    I carry pepper spray when I take my Chis out...there are too many irresponsible owners out there!!
  13. I agree with this. It's never a good idea to get between dogs when they are fighting.

    It really annoys me when I see dogs that are not on their leashes. The other day I was walking my dog and there was a small white fluffy dog walking by himself near 5th Ave! Not only could dog get into traffic, it could of gotten stolen. It is xmas in NYC retard! Do you know how many cars and people are in midtown this time of year?? I grabbed the dog and the owner was 2 blocks away. He was like "oh he is fine, he walks by himself all the time". People need to use common sense.
  14. ^^ Hubbawubba thats crazy about the dog roaming midtown and the owner isnt worried
  15. elizat, devoted, CB, 4theluvof-it, *Lo, heartnaspade, Couturegrl and hubbawubba...thank you for your kind thoughts :heart:

    heartnaspade...I can't believe that man with the treats. Sometimes I just wonder what people are thinking about. Actually, they aren't thinking at all, are they?? I'm just glad Jake was okay :yes:

    hubbawubba...that is really insane that someone would let any dog walk by himself in NYC, not to mention against the law!!! If that poor baby is really walking by himself all the time, he must have lots of guardian angels :angel: made me laugh with the story about your skirt :lol: I'm glad your baby was okay, too.