very scary at this store...

  1. so i was trying on these R&R jeans and i guess they fit pretty nice and they were a size 23 (theres a point to me saying my size). so there was this mom there with her daughter and her mom was seriously all skin and bones. she looked so fragile and scary. i could see the shape of her eyesockets. and her teeth were like all yellow and grey. (sign of an eating disorder maybe)
    so she starts asking me what size my jeans were and saying how she could never fit into those. and said they looked great on me. but it just made me so sad because she looked soo sick and it seemed like she saw differently of herself than other people did. i wish she would realize that she was sooo thin.
  2. I visit a LJ community called "Guess My Weight" and there are girls who frequently post their pics showing how fragile and unhealthy they are, all the while saying they want to be thinner. It's very sad that girls feel this need to fit into some sort of mold constructed in their mind based on a media driven ideal. Sometimes, I feel that it must be so hard to be a young girl (or even older) and have all these pressures to look a certain way.
  3. That is sad. I wish those people could just realize how precious life is, and that there is no point living it in a shell of yourself being sickly.
  4. That is terrible. It's so sad how they're thinner then they actually need to be but when they look in the mirror they see someone who is overweight. I wish they could see that they're slowly killing themselves trying to become something that is unnatural!
  5. Sad..the media makes people see themselves in such a negative way.
  6. I couldn't have put it better. I'm glad a guy can see that. Most are out there casting healthier gals out 'cause they don't look overly thin. There's a huge difference between being naturally skinny, and eating disorder skinny.
  7. I don't know why us women always think we need to be skinnier. Ever man I've known says I look fine but I think my behind is huge.
  8. Perhaps the mother is sick, but not with an eating disorder... rather maybe cancer? They often look really skinny too.
  9. I have that '50s sweater gal look pinned, out of necessity and I've always thought of myself as fat-fat-fat, BUT the other day I was complaining about it and one of my best-guy-friends, out of nowhere, says...
    "jen you're beautiful"

    It was surreal because he dates the prettiest girl I know.

    I think sometimes a girl just need someone to tell them that they're good how they are. I haven't been the same since.

    But yes, it's sad when women have developed into these fragile shells of existences. And I think it's sad that our society encourages it.