Very scared - Possible cervical cancer

  1. After reading the thread about being scared to go to the ob-gyn, I decided to go for the first time. I got a pap smear, along with STD testing. Well, the doctor called me back today and said my pap was a bit irregular and they couldn't quite pin the problem. THey also told me I tested positive for the high risk strain of HPV. I'm going back on Thursday to get a coloscopy to get a better picture of what I'm dealing with. I am terrified. I'll admit that I've had unprotected sex for the last 2 years and as dumb as this sounds, I never imagined it would happen to me. I'm so scared right now. Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. I just feel so alone right now.
  2. Oh....I am sorry to hear that! But don't jump to conclusions yet...wait until you get more tests. I am sending you all my good vibes!!! I hope everything will turn out good!
  3. Of course you have my best wishes and prayers. It's natural to be frightened, but even if there is a problem, there should be some treatment available. As for doing something stupid, we all have done things we shouldn't have. Please never take those risks again.

    Good luck and lots of ((hugs)).
  4. {{HUGS}} I just went through the same thing. I have had abnormal paps since after my first baby was born and had 3 colposcopies. This past time I also showed high risk for cervical cancer, so they did a LEEP procedure and I am praying that they got it all. I go back next week for my first pap since the surgery.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions. I was also terrified and the word cancer completely freaked me out as I lost my dad to colon cancer. However, it can be treated if caught on time and my OBGYN assures me that I should have regular paps from now on.

    Don't beat yourself up though. I have been married for 6 years and still had this happen.
  5. You're certainly in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep in mind that some women ALWAYS have irregular paps - there is a possibility that nothing is wrong. Let the doctors do their tests and get the treatment/medication you need. The good news is that by finding this in a pap rather than when you're having symptoms of something being wrong, it's very likely that whatever is going on was caught early enough to be treated, and hopefully you'll be as good as new in no time!

    Thank you for sharing your story so far. Please keep us posted. This is exactly the kind of thing all women need to hear to keep in mind so that we'll take care of ourselves! You could be saving lives by telling other women about your experience.

  6. (((((HUGS!!))))))). The power of positive thinking is amazing. Don't despair. Just be hopeful. I'm sending positive vibes your way.:flowers:
  7. oh no... :sad:. I hope everything turns out okay. ((hugs to you))
  8. I hope everything goes well. My friend has had abnormal paps before and she's fine. You will be in my thoughts. ((Hugs))
  9. I'm so sorry to hear this :sad: I hope everything turns out to be fine.
  10. As been said, abnormal paps are common in many women. And I agree, at least they caught this before it had some nasty symptoms. Just relax, do what they tell you and don't have unprotected sex again.

    Good thoughts headed your way.
  11. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. Now that I've read up on HPV and cervical cancer, I feel a little better. When I first made this thread, I had just received the phone call and panicked when I heard cancer. The doctor said my pap was slightly abnormal, but since I had also tested positive for a high risk strain of HPV, she wanted to do further tests. I'm hoping things will be okay. I will let you ladies know how it goes on Thursday.
  12. I had an abnormal pap 5 years ago. I had further testing and I tested abnormal for about 6 months after that. However, the abnormal cells were no longer present after that.

    Keep in mind that in up to 75% of cases, abnormal cells go away, and many women have an abnormal reading and then are normal after that.

    I have had normal test results since, and I go every year. So don't fret too much.
  13. Like other women here said--the important thing is that you went and found out, and are getting treatment. Now your doctor can have you in regularly to keep an eye on your progress and make sure things return to normal--that is the MOST crucial thing, and the best thing you could have done for yourself!
  14. Good for going and getting the pap smear. Also FYI the HPV Vaccine is good only for people that are sexually active and have unprotected sex. So hopefully everything will be okay. If it is caused by HPV then it very treatable. Your in my prayers.
  15. Good for you for finally getting yourself to a gyno! That is the worst part. HPV is very common, unfortunately - it often shows no symptoms in men and it can be passed on indefinitely. I read a stat that something crazy like 95% of sexually active people have been exposed to this virus, yet some people's immune systems can fight it off. Anyway, although you tested positive for a high-risk strain (they can do that kind of testing now???) it doesn't mean it will turn into cancer. The important thing is to stay healthy and make sure you keep getting regular check-ups and do whatever you need to get done because cervical cancer is one of the easiest to treat if it's caught quickly. I've had an abnormal pap and it was a freaky experience but the main thing is now I am very educated about sexual health and I get a pap every year whether I like it or not! Keep us posted!