Very Revealing!!

  1. LuvTare, I had the Roxanne A4 Tote in Chocolate, but rehomed her. I think it's a gorgeous bag, but it wasn't doing it for me. Now, if I could have her in Oak, a totally different scenario!!!!! I love the purple Bays, and what a fun diaper bag it would be!! As my kids are all grown (kind of), I don't know if I'm best suited to advise about using any bag as a diaper bag, but I do think I've read here that many ladies love the A4 tote for baby things. You have a tough choice ahead of you!!!!! Good luck!!!
  2. LuvTare, I have an oak A4 Roxy tote and I LOVE it! I find it to be the best bag for carrying baby stuff - great size, lightweight and useful pockets.

    I had a Bays and really can't imagine using it for baby stuff.

    Good luck with your decision!