Very regret!!

  1. Today I went to a Chanel Boutique and I found loads of paris barritz tote (see attached pic which I got from a Chanel forum). It looks practical and price tag don't hurt much for 600 pounds sth. More over the details look lovely such as a silver button has chanel logo on it and CC charm makes the bag looks stunning. I didn't feel impress with the bag when saw it in a pic but when I try it on. I know the bag looks really great! ( I am a big fan of tote bag )

    Very regret that lately I bought a LV Denim baggy PM before and now I really want to exchange it for Chanel :sad: !!
  2. Can you return the LV? If so, then take it back and get the Chanel.
  3. i love the chanel
  4. Any chance you'd be able to return the LV? for the chanel :smile:
  5. I love the chanel! If you can return the LV :biggrin:
  6. The Chanel is definitely more chic than the LV baggy. Sometimes I just sell stuff at a loss to get what I really want (if you can't return the LV) -- try eBay.
  7. Wow that Chanel looks so sophisticated, I love it! Can't you return the LV or sell it?
  8. I vote fore exchanging for the Chanel. By the way, would someone tell me the name/style and price of the black slouchy bag in the photo on the right? Thanks!
  9. Oh yes, if possible return (or sell) the LV and get the Chanel.
  10. I agree with everyone else and return LV.
  11. Totally agree, return the LV.
  12. In London, espically Selfridges I know that u are not allowed to get a refund only exchange, if u really want it maybe your best bet would be to sell on e bay?
  13. VICKY: i remember when you got it~! you were sooo happy! what changed your mind! i cant believe you dont like the PM anymore!? what happened? You will have to sell on eBay, it shouldnt be too much of a loss. x
  14. Love the Chanel! If you can't return the Lv, you can always sell it. Someone will definitely buy. Good luck.
  15. Hopefully you can return the LV!
    The Chanel tote looks very practical- a good 'go to' bag.:yes:

    OT: What is the black bag on the right?