Very random question...

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  1. How pink is a fuschia mabel will it go with these shoes? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393076328.480049.jpg

    Any help would be great

  2. here's one from the Mabel reference library xx

  3. Thanks holleigh - what do u think are they doable together with a black pencil dress in between??
  4. Love black with bright pink. They should pair well.
  5. Raspberry lily would match.... :graucho:

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  6. Yea I love black and pink too just not sure whether the pinks are too different really 😕

  7. Oooh I like ur thinking but don't think I can stretch to one tbh and I need to fit my flipflops in and full make kit in -it's gona be a long day/night ha
  8. I don't think the bags and shoes go together unfortunately, the bag is more purple pink and the shoes are more red toned pink.
  9. If you were nearer you could borrow mine. What do are you going to? Love the shoes....

  10. Hmmm that's what I was thinking Iv been trying to come up with a reason to buy that mabel for sometime ha 😉
  11. Aww thanks Moo that's lovely of u I'd be terrified If damage it tho. I'm goin to ladies day at Aintree am a little bit excited hehe my frock and shoes are ordered just need a bag now
  12. Then maybe if we can find you a mabel in lipstick rather than fuchsia.....

    (Acknowledgements to the lovely Ratrat for using her pic from the library)

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  13. Moo u are an absolute marvel arent u ha. I never knew they did the mabel in a different pink. Do u think the lipstick will tone better with the shoes?? Xx
  14. The pic of Ratty's mabel hobo shows the lipstick pink, l think it 's a better match than the cerise. I've just checked LMW, Naughtipidgin, Worsey dress agency, Grace & Ted and fleabay. Whatsist 's law! no one has one listed....will keep a look out for one for you.

  15. Rrr thank u so much I agree. hmmm or other option is send the shoes back and go for black then I can have the mabel but I do love a coloured shoe and my dress is very plain black - ooh decisions decisions 😕xx