Very Prives in the winter - bare legs? opaque tights?

  1. How do you wear your Very Prives in the winter (assuming you live in a cold winter climate)? What about in an office environment? Do you wear them with a black opaque tight (or is the peep too big), bare legs - how?

    And if you wear tights - not bare legs - do you have a photo to share?
  2. I am planning on wearing my VPs w/tights when it gets cool enough. I think it will look really cute.
  3. I store my babies in their sleepers in the winter.:crybaby:
    My toes get too cold.
  4. I haven't decided yet, but I am planning on wearing them so thanks for posting this question, I am interested to see what others have to say!
  5. I think it is kinda of odd to wear sandal like shoes in the winter because you're bundled up looking all warm but you're wearing summery shoes. But, if you paid a huge amount of money for those shoes....why not?
  6. I love wearing tights with peeptoes, but oddly, don't like the VP's with tights. I think it's the contrasting platform color. :shrugs: My VP's are worn sans tights/stockings or not at all.
  7. Definitely bare legs in the winter. Doesn't seem right...haha!