Very Prive

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know where I can locate the VP in black leather or all they long gone? :crybaby:

  2. Mawsey - I just recently saw the black kid leather with the red tip at Saks in NYC, but I am sure that sizes are limited.
    Also, there are occassionally black patent with burgundy tip VPs that pop up on, I remember seeing a pair just a few days ago in a size 39.5.
    Good luck finding them!
  3. Thanks Kamilla - you're a star!
  4. Just tried - no luck in a size 36.5 :crybaby:

    If anyone spots them anywhere in the world ( I am that desperate ) please please let me know.

  5. Did you talk to an SA at Saks? They can do a search locator, where they check system wide to see where the shoe is available and ship it to you.
  6. I always see the Black kid leather with burgandy tip at Saks in Short Hills Mall, Short Hills, NJ
    Not sure what sizes they have because i never really asked, but they always have them. Ill be there on wed and ill check again for you.
    Try going on the saks website and doing one of those live chats. Ask the person which stores have them in stock in your size. They did that for me for a different shoe.
  7. Thanks Stinas - would really appreciate it. I tried the NYC store and some incredibly rude man said none were in stock in any store - I so know he didn't even check.
  8. Yippeee, called Short Hills and they located a pair for me. Thank you Kamilla, LavenderIce and Stinas :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. Do you guys like the burgany tip as much as the red?? I was thinking about them as well, should I hold out for the red tip??? Also, a SA told e he had a pair of leopard patent VP with a gold tip and 100 gold heel. He said the background was more Beige, with black and tan spots. Sound neat, he can't get me a pick. Girls?????:shrugs:
  10. Does anyone have the code for these shoes? I remember calling NM for the prives and they said they were out of stock. Don't know about Saks though.
  11. CJY - I am guessing that he was referring to the tiger print VP based on your comment about the beige background. If I am correct then it would be this print but in the VP although I don't recall that VP coming in a gold heel, I think that it was only in a black lacquer heel:
    I like it and I think you should go for it especially if it is at a good sale price.
  12. Ill go for either one to tell you the truth.
    Someone should post side by side pics. I know someone on here has both :p

    Post pics when you get them!
  13. OOOOOOO I think Im gonna go to short hills this week as well when I feel a little better maybe wed or thurs:yes:
  14. Yay! Glad you found them! :flowers:
  15. i'm so happy for you, mawsey! the VP's in black leather are so timeless and pretty! i can't wait to see your pics :biggrin: