very prive tortoise patent??

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  1. anyone know where you can buy these online??

  2. great, thanks
  3. anyone know what these are like size wise? i have the chance to get a pair cheaper, but they are size UK 4.5 and i am a UK 5????
  4. footcandy only have a 10.5.

    anyone know anywhere else that might have a 38 in stock?
  5. I have these shoes and love them but I wouldn't mind if they were half a size bigger. Therefore, I have been stalking the net. They seem to pop up on and Net A Porter every few weeks. I also saw them on A SA at Saks told me they were completely sold out of them in all stores because they're a few months old already which is why I am holding on to the ones I have. :crybaby:

    I visit this site daily. It's a feed of CLs on the net and I love it! :tup:
  6. I saw them on not too long ago.
  7. what size are you after? i am a 38 in most shoes and have the anemones in 38..i will keep an eye out for you and you keep an eye for me :tup:

    mytheresa, footcandy and saks are out of my size :tdown:
  8. I just saw them at Net A Porter. Saks has the no Prive in that pattern, alot of sizes too.
  9. net a porter only has a 40 that i can see and i couldn't see them on Sakes i just stupid or do you mean Saks have them in the shop but not on the web?

  10. guys what do you think;
    an eBay seller will sell them to me for $880 plus shipping. they retail on net-a-porter for $780 but that is without tax etc. would i be made to pay her that much??
  11. Well if it's a US seller and they can mark it as a gift with a lowered value so you don't end up paying any customs fees/taxes, then it's pretty worth it -- coz with $780 + shipping coming from a store (which surely won't declare it as a gift with a low value) there's certainly going to be VAT/customs fees on top of it....comes to to about $880 if not more (from my past experience living in the UK and learning it the hard way).
  12. that's what i am thinking foxy. it is naturalgasgirl who i think some of you have dealt with before. i don't know what to do...
  13. $100 mark up isn't bad for current season sold out shoes ... but they're last season (right? s/s 07).

    I bet if you stalk ebay you'll find one at a lower price.

    This may be slightly misleading, but I'd half size up--patent very prives seem to be stiff.

    I have the turtle patent decolletes ... I just adore the coloring.
  14. Squeak, I saw them in size 38 and 38.5 literally 2 days ago on Saks website because I was stalking the website for nude very prive. I think you need 38.5 if you wear 38.

    Legaldiva - I totally adore tortoise Decollete and they are on my wishlist. Unfortunately I received black patent in the post by mistake (instead of Pigalle) and they are too tight.