Very Privé retail price?

  1. Hi just a quick question what is US retail on the Very Privé (leather) with red tip and the Very Privé patent/nude with gold or tone in tone ?

  2. I want to say 790 but not sure I will check and edit if I'm wrong going from memory
  3. the patent one with gold tip is 770 from
  4. ^^^Retail is currently $770 EXCLUDING tax, which for some of us is 8-9%, but I'm sure prices are going to go up this season. LOL
  5. Also, the nude patent with gold tip is long sold out.
  6. The Very Prive in other materials are less than $770 of the patent leather versions. I do recall that the satin is around $690 or $710 and the kid leather is around $710 or $720.
  7. ^^^Oh yeah, you are right. I haven't bought any of the kid leather, so I forgot they were a tad less. I want to say they were $720 b/c I saw some chocolate brown leather VPs not too long ago at Saks.