Very Prive or Yoyo Zeppa????

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  1. Im having difficulties choosing between these two shoes.. & although id love to buy both, i really cant afford to atm:sad:.
    I know they are very similar models and i love the peep toe platform look on both of them...

    Anyone got suggestions on which one or another similar model!!

  2. i would go for theVery Prive
  3. ITA - no CL collection is complete without a VP :yes:
  4. I vote VP... :yes:
  5. VPs!!!
  6. Ok then.. now the next question :lol:
    Which colour for work (i work in offices)...
    Id love to hear from you all!!!!!
  7. Mine are black patent with burgundy tip - I :love: them so much! Sexy (in an understated way) and soooo comfortable :yes:.

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  8. I own both and prefer the VP by far :yes:
  9. VPs come in such classic colors, any one would be great for office wear.
    As seen on the ladies here, I highly prefer the patent VPs--black, nude, blue karey, tortoise~:love:
  10. Very prive black kid with red tip!!!!
  11. another vote for vps
  12. Vp!!
  13. i have the yoyo zeppas and wore them for the first time friday night and i have to say i adore them. now mine are satin so they're not every day shoes but i walked, danced, and generally had a good time in them. i have the black with black patent vps coming today (well this week) so i can't tell you about them until i get them. but either pair are amazing. vps are probably more work appropriate though.
  14. I agree with the majority so far, VP for sure.

    Regarding can never go wrong with black leather or patent.
    I guess it depends on how conservative your office is, if you work in a creative field then I am sure that any color could pass, but if you're in accounting or law, then perhaps stick with neutrals like camel or nude.
  15. oh they make this brown color in the vp that saks has. i think it's called luggage. anyway FANTASTIC brown.