Very Prive or Pigalle

  1. Hi,

    Am having a bit of a dilemma. I went shopping the other week and bought a pair of black patent pigalle in a EUR 40. They are a bit tight, but comfy nonetheless.

    While I was there I also tried on the Very Prive in black leather. I really liked them, but found that a 40 was fine on the right foot, but very tight on the left, and a 40.5 was too loose on the right foot, and ok on the left.

    I am happy with the Pigalle, but can't seem to stop thinking about the Very Prive.

    If I get the Very Prive in a 40 will it stretch and become comfy?

    And should I return the Pigalle for the Very prive, or keep both!!!! ;)

    I am worried that if I get the 40.5 then they will stretch and become too big and fall off.

    Any help/opinions greatly appreciated.

  2. from experience, the leather very prives do stretch with wear. i'd get the 40. i'd get the 40.5 if it was patent since it doesn't stretch as much.

    i actually have a pair of the black leather in size 40 but i should've gotten the 39.5. it's still wearable but if it stretches any more, i'd have to get like an insert of some sort i think.

    i say keep them both since they are both different, classic designs.
  3. I would say keep both. They are both classic Louboutin.
  4. Thanks. I am going to get both and spend a week walking around at home in them and if I still love them both at the end of the week I will keep them both!!

    I have been dreaming of a pair of Very Prive's for so long, that I know if I don't get them I will regret it.