Very Prive or Decollette

  1. Hello all you lovely ladies & CL lovers!

    I am faced with a serious dilemma. I've now decided on two pair of Loboutins that I want to purchase but I don't know which style.
    I absolutely love the Tortoiseshell (turtle) CL's but I can't decide between the Very Prive or the Decollette. I am usually a European 39 (in sneakers and flats) but tend to need a 40 for heels (or French Sole Ballerinas). Since my feet are a bit wider, I am worried about the Decollette's being too narrow and uncomfortable! On the other hand, I was worried that I wouldn't wear the Very Prive's as much, since they're peeptoe and I usually like closed toe more.

    I NEED YOUR HELP! Any input in this decision will be greatly appreciated!!

    Oh, another question: i am in LOVE with the Hung Up's but can't decide between normal black and metallic python....any thoughts on that??? I'm afraid that I
    won't be able to find those metallic Pythons anymore... (Ashley Olsen wore these:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!


    Very Prive.jpg Hung Up Black.jpg Hung Up Python.JPG
  2. The patent Decollete might be painful for you if you have wider feet. I went up a half size from my normal CL size and at first, my toes were squished. But, after a few wears, the Decolletes are now comfortable. However, I do have to use a heel insert in the left one so that my heel doesn't slip out. That being said, I think that the Decollete is such a sexy, classic style. I don't own any VPs in patent, only in suede so I can't really comment on whether the patent VPs are comfortable.
  3. The Very Prives would be better for a first timer. I have both the vp and the decolette and find that I can wear the vps for a longer period of time. Definitely more comfortable. I also have the tortoise shell VPs and find that they are pretty versatile in the kinds of outfits you can wear them with.
  4. I just bought my first pair of CL's. I tried on vp and decollete. I bought the Vp in a size 38. Am normally a 37.5-38. Re the decollete lets just say it was a struggle for me to even get the 39's on...they are very narrow.
  5. Although I Decollete in black patent and I must say that Decollete is very classical and will never date so it's a safe bet. Whereas Very Prive is very much on the trend with platform with peeptoe, they are funky, sexy especially with that gold tip.

    Decollete are such good value compared with Very Prive. I'm very tempted to buy Decollecte in tortoise, they are stunning.
  6. thanks ladies!
    i think i will buy the VP, because i do like the style more (even if it's more dated than the Decollette's) and because they'll probably be more comfortable!

    Also, if anyone sees those Pythong Hung Up's....let me know!

    thanks again!
  7. You know, all three would be good choices to have in a CL collection. Once you get the vps you are going to want to have more. Post pics when you get them.
  8. Anyone knows if the leather hung ups are available?
  9. I recommend the VPs in tortoise -- I think they are a lot more comfortable than the decolletes, particularly if you have a wider foot. I also think you can wear these all year. They would look great paired with dark brown tights.

    I have both VPs and decolletes, as well as a wider foot. My poor decolletes spend most of the time in the closet because they start to pinch my feet after a few hours. They're a gorgeous style, but certainly not the most comfortable.
  10. U should probably get the VP over the decollete since you're saying u have wide feet...I have both styles and the vp are way more comfortable...I have really narrow feet (the decollete were tts for me!!) and I wanted to chop my feet off the first time I wore them!! I've worn them out like 4 times and they still hurt my feet..but they make my calves look super defined...=)
  11. I own two decolletes and have to go 1 full size up in them (I buy them in a 39 and I am a 38). I do not have any VP because I cannot pull off the 5-in heel even with the 1-in platform. The 4-in heel is it for me. I find my kid-leather decoletets extremely comfortable and easy to walk in. I find patent uncomfortable in any shoes because it simply won't mold to your foot. I would love to buy a pair but simply can't find patent comfortable.

    I think you would love whichever you bought!
  12. thanks for all your opinions ladies!

    because i am a college student, I think i'm going to save my money up for a new bag instead of heels. I have a TON of 10 cm heels that I don't wear too often, but i get a lot of use out of my bags. SO, when I do come around to buy my first CL's (which will eventually doubt :smile:) I will proudly show them off there here!
    Thanks again!

  13. Jeffrey's NYC has them:tup: