Very Prive & Decollete owners...

  1. For those who own each of these shoes, what is the size difference? Do you wear the same size for both styles?
  2. I got my Decolette half size bigger than Very Prive. Hope this helps.
  3. My prive size was the same as my decollete size.

    But, then again, I currently have two rolandos where one is my reg size & the other is a 1/2 size up.

    I also have a two numero prives where one is slightlly snug, & the other is slightly too large (I'll have to actually get strappy strips in order to prevent the sling from slipping off). I give up!
  4. My Very Prives and Decollettes are the same size. It can vary though. I have a patent brown decollette 868 in a 37 and when I tried a patent tiger print decollette in the same size it was so much tighter than the patent brown. It felt like it was cut narrower and they are the same shoe! I had to go wtih a 37.5 in the decolzeps. However, I do not find the very prives to vary as much. For the most part I am safe with a 37 in them.
  5. Ohhh, that's so helpful! :smile: I don't know much about CL sizing haha... I have the black patent decolette's in a 38.5, and was considering getting the Very Prive style too... so I might look into the 38 and 38.5 in that case.

    Also, LavendarIce, if you don't mind my asking, where did you find your brown patent Decollette's? :smile: I love the black patent I have so much that I would love a pair in the brown, ahh!!! :drool: :heart:
  6. I got my patent brown decollettes at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. They are so dark they look black indoors, but in the bright sunshine they look like a milk chocolate shade.
  7. babypie - my VP and Decolletes are the same size, approx 1 full size larger than I normally wear. I usually wear a size 38 in non- CL shoes and I wear a 39 in both of these styles. What are you considering buying?
  8. ^^^yeah what Kamilla said. I size up one full size from my normal size in both as well. Although, I still haven't figured out if I'm a true 39.5 CL or a 40 CL. LOL
  9. Ohh okay, thanks for the info! :smile: I didn't see them on the NM site, but I'm sure I could order them from NM if I want them. :smile: Not sure if I should, because I already have the black patent, and you mentioned that the brown is realllly dark... I do love brown though (and in patent it's gorgeous)! :drool: Maybe I'll get brown patent in another style if I can find it! :p

  10. I went a size up with the Decollete. I wear a 39 with Very Prive & 40 with Decollete. I probably would have been ok with a half a size up too.
  11. I have this exact same problem. I can't figure out if my TTS CL is a 39 or a 39.5 ... I'm totally in between.

    For example, I have the VPs in black suede in a 39, and they fit, but they are snug. I think the reason they fit is the suede has some give. I have my eye on a pair of nude patent prives, however, I'm going to go up to a 39.5.

    This is the only tricky part to Louboutins--figuring out your size for each style/fabric combo. It's like a choose your own adventure or something.


  12. Well I think I need a pair of V.Prives :yes:. I just bought a pair of decolletes and yoyo zeppas in the same size (39.5) - the decolletes are perfect, the yoyos seem a bit small tight in the toe box (though I'm sure they'll stretch a bit with wear) and I'm thinking the V.Prives might have a snug toe box too. It's odd because usually with other brands I can size down with open toe, obviously not with CL.
  13. I wear a 10.5 in very prive and when I tried the decollete in the store a 10.5 fit me also.
  14. Same with me exactly, the Decolette ran a little smaller than the Very Prive in the toe box.