Very Prive alternatives

  1. I know this is sacreligious...but I can't afford the CL Very Prive heels that I so desperately want

    Is there anyone else that makes a cute, affordable pair (around $100?). Ones in nude patent would be ideal, but I realize that's a stretch...
  2. Oh.. Deer! makes very similar styles to CL - they even have red soles sometimes. Check them out on
  3. sure you can find similar styles at Oh Deer, Nine west etc.. I dont find it sacriligeous at all ..

    but please please reconsider and try and save a few months for the real thing.. it will make you love them so much more !!!! ;)
  4. Steve Madden makes yellow, nude and black patent (not sure if it's similar to the style you mention) but looks sort of like CL (red sole, etc). THe only problem is that style is really uncomfortable (for me at least).
  5. Nine West and Madden make shoes very similar.
  6. Do you know where they sell them? I didn't see them online. The shoes I want don't need to have a red sole.

    I'm more interested in finding a cute peeptoe platform shoe in a nude color.
  7. Steve Madden always copies Louboutin styles. but there shoes sometimes sell out quick.
  8. Aside from those already mentioned, you may wish to check out DSW and Aldo so see what they carry.
  9. ^ I agree with Aldo. Definitely check them out. They have cute shoes similar to CLs.
  10. I have a couple of pairs of Oh Deers and I love them. I actually thought about getting the real thing since I've worn them quiet a bit, but then I'm so happy with the Oh Deers I don't see the point of changing right now.
  11. steven by steve madden makes something almost exact. and they are on sale at Nordstroms currently. but i don't think they had nude...i remember they had snakeskin, red, and black.
  12. Chloe makes some shoes like Louboutins I think..however if you can save up for a while, you should do that. You definitely will not regret it. They are gorgeous!
  13. Manolo Blahnik actually had a gorgeous NUDE PATENT peep-toe d'Orsay (105mm/4-inch heel) that can be found on eBay now in a few sizes & for a VERY AFFORDABLE price!

    Now that shoe is just as TIMELESS/CLASSIC (if not more so) than the CL VP. And quality-wise, well....I think the Manolo name & history speak for itself in that dept.
  14. those shoes are gorgeous!! now i have to find one in my size :smile: