VERY Pleasant SUPRISE!!! Kinda long winded...


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
I recently bid on and WON a whiskey Legacy leather flap bag #11134. The seller had ZERO feedback and nothing else listed. I knew it was a gamble because there were only 2 pic's, they were small and not a great reference. I figured I'd just keep my fingers crossed and rely on Paypal if things weren't entirely on the Up and Up.

I waited 4 days and inquired about the tracking number, got no response. I inquired a couple more times over the next couple days and FINALLY got word 6 days after I paid (8 days after winning) that the bag had not been shipped yet. UGH!!! I was scarred right away but the seller promised she'd get me the info. (She had fallen and broken her ankle and collar bone.) I waited 2 more days and NOTHING so I filed a Paypal dispute. After I filed I got the tracking within 24 hours and receieved the bag yesterday! BOY WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT!!!! :yahoo:

I figured that since the pic's weren't great that the bag would be in OK to good used condition but I only paid $115 bucks so I figured it was worth it. HOLY COW, this bag has MAYBE been carried 2 times, the strap even still has that new stiff feel to it. If I didn't know better I'd swear this bag was a FAKE!!! LOL

I'm SO EXCITED to have this bag in such FABULOUS CONDITION!!! No outlet bullseye on the creed, the legacy interior is SPOTLESS and there are just a couple small surface scratches that I'm sure could come with in store handling.

Here's some pic's of my "could have been a nightmare" new to me LEGACY bag!!!! :biggrin:

***Even the sealent that's almost ALWAYS damaged on these bags is in absolute brand new condition!!!



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I Need More Cowbell
Jan 26, 2008
Gorgeous! Soooooo glad that your gamble paid off! What a find!
Mar 24, 2009
Atlanta, GA
what a great bag at an incredible price!!! i love it!! i just gave my mom my MFF version of this bag so that i could justify hunting down the original... your success is inspiring me to start hunting in earnest!!

congratulations on a great find!!


Jun 12, 2009
New York
You did really well. The bag is very nice and defintely worth much more than what you paid. Glad it worked out for you.

Apr 18, 2009
Beautiful bag. I gave one of my daughters this bag and it has been through 4 years of college and almost two years of graduate school with her. It wears like iron. Congratulations. It looks brand new.