Very pale (or not!) skin tone recs...

Sep 25, 2008
Can we have a thread where we recommend specific items based on skintone? I know as a very pale perosn with yellow/sallow (ugh) undertones, every now and again I come across a certain lipstick or blush etc. that just looks GREAT. Lipstick is hard for me - too grapey/purple and it looks too gothy, too pink and it looks gaudy, I can't do warm tones AT ALL.

I recently discovered a lipstick that works for me like no other one I have tried for years. It is perfect for the pale-but-not-pink-undertoned brigade and it is YSL #16 Bohemia Rose. LOVE IT. Seriously the best lipstick I may have ever tried.

How about it? Are there any other awkwardly-toned ladies out there with recommendations? How about foundation? And not just pale girls. I know there are darker skins that also don't 'match' what most cosmetics companies think all darker tones do.

Oh, another rec - for blush - MAC Dame. Very cool pink, lightly appied looks fab. Strangely, although grapey shades look horrible on my lips, they can work for blush. Best blush colour I ever used was a liquid wash by Nars (shade: Modesty) that look very dark purple in the container but entirely natural on my face. I stocked up on it on eBay awhile ago. :smile:


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Dec 11, 2005
NW10 (leaning more neutral; I don't like a really pink-toned foundation) in MAC terms:

Blushes: easily, Illamasua Katie, the discontinued Chanel Narcisse JC and NARS Penny Lane cremeblush for softer looks. Stila Lillium CC and Hard Candy Baked in Pin Up (surprisingly) are the only real 'nude' blushes I've found that don't look like mud or crappy bronzer on my skin tone.

I do also really like the vibrant blushes with a light hand - Angelika Multiple, Cactus Flower, Desire - all by NARS as well as Dolce Vita in winter.

Foundation-wise: the best has been Bobbi Brown's Alabaster shade, which is discontined in Canada (and I am peeved off) but still available in the US. MUFE HD#110 & F&B#38 are right light-ness wise, but too pink (#38 less so). CoverFX E0 is too orange, NARS Siberia in SG&SM is too yellow, but in the Lifting & Firming is a better match. Maybelline FIT Me #110 works, as does Revlon PR #001 (the FIT Me leans yellow, but isn't so overwhelmingly so). Chanel Pro Lumiere (sniff...) in Limpide (Euro) is workable with blending, but the coverage is so full, that I tend to just avoid it except for special occasions.

Right now, everyday has been Stila TM in Bare with MAC MSFN in Light to set, my last bottle of BB Skin in #00 Alabaster when I need more coverage, with MUFEHD to set. (But I am definately plan on stocking up in the Spring)
Nov 16, 2011
I have the same problem. I'm very pale and most foundations are too dark, too yellow, or too pink on me. Anyway with respect to lip colors my favorite lipgloss color is Chanel's braise because it's similar in tonality to the natural color of my own lips just slightly darker. I've yet to find an eyeshadow that really wows me ...but I also really like Chanel's pink tweed blush works nicely.