VERY painful to walk...Normal?

  1. Hi everyone! Thought I would ask all the experienced Mommies...

    FYI, I am 35 weeks.

    My legs feel like they are going to break at the point where they connect to my pelvis. If I am laying down or sitting, they are ok but as soon as I try to get up to walk, I feel horrible pain (crying-type pain) and can hardly walk without assistance. I have an extremely high pain threshhold (broken bones, neck surgery, etc.) but this pain is pretty high up there.

    Is this just normal preparation for birth or does this seem extreme?

    I do have an OB appt tomorrow but thought I would also ask here.

  2. It's normal~ I had a thread discussing this same problem while I was pregnant. Mine started 3 months before the baby was due. It is the pelvic floor in conjuction with your hips softening. This is your bodies way of getting ready for the birthing experience. My doctor told me it wasn't a problem, as long as I wasn't contracting.

    Do mention it to your OB though! I hope you feel better~ I cried on numerous occasions as it hurt so bad. :crybaby:

    Take care~ Ghost
  3. yes sweetheart! at the end, walking and simply lifting up a leg hurt greatly. your dear baby is putting weight on and therefore the pressure going towards your pelvis increase dramatically.

    don't worry your pain is completely normal b'c i had the exact same thing too!

    i am so excited for you and cant wait to see pics of your baby!
  4. it's usually normal, it's very possible the baby has dropped, or the baby's head is on your tailbone or hipbone, or some people actually even have some hip seperating issues.
    Talk it over w/ your Doc obviously, but most Mom's get a similar pain close to the end:yes:
  5. It's normal. I didn't have it with my first. But I'm going through it right now. I can barley make it across the room most of the time!!!
  6. Thank you, ladies! I will definitely talk it over with my OB and while I definitely don't want any of you in pain, it's good to know I am not alone.
  7. Thanks, C!

    BTW, your Push Presents still have me :drool:!
  8. It's funny you posted this because I have had this for the last two days. It got cold here and we went from flip flop to Ugg weather overnight(the only two kinds of shoes that fit now). I was shocked at how it felt when I raised my leg up to slide on my shoes. It's been so long since I had babies I totally forgot about this part,lol.
  9. added baby weight plus pressure on sciatic nerves or sacro-iliac joint pain is very common in the last months of the 3rd trimester....take it easy and put your legs up as much as possible....stay off your feet and don't do alot of long standing or walking now !!!
  10. I felt pain in my knees towards the end of my pregnancy and it was difficult to squat and stand again. I thought it was loose joints associated with pregnancy hormones. But 4 weeks after delivery and I still have the same pain?
  11. i had that pain, AL, during the first and third trimester with some break on the second trimester. it was awful!

    it'll get better though. its temporary.
  12. Thanks, Pazt! The light at the end of the tunnel gets a little brighter every day!:heart:
  13. You might want to buy what's called a "prenatal cradle". It's an undergarment that pregnant mommies use to help lift the weight of their bellies and also helps to relieve backaches. I think you can purchase it online at I gotta get me one soon b/c I'm expecting my 3rd child and suffered from bad pelvic/pubic bone pain with my second pregnancy. Good luck!!:flowers: