Very new to all this...

  1. Hello every body

    I have just purchased my first Balenciaga bag-a First in camel. I really wanted the City, but could not get it at the time, so opted for the First. Today, they got the City in camel, so at the moment I have both. Bad start ;)

    One thing that confuses me in my shop is that some of the bags are called ARENA, but look like the "normal" ones... or do they? I can't figure out the difference in a City and a ARENA City, but surely there is one or? You guys must be able to help me and maybe give me a crash-course in the world of Balenciaga... :yes:

    Hope you can help...

  2. City is the style of the bag, like First or Day or Work or Weekender. The Arena is the name for the leather they used this season. That's why on the city picture says "City in Arena" and not City in Grenat or whatever that color is.
  3. anne, welcome!

    here's a great place to start. it's a blog from our very own PFer. lots of valuable info!

  4. Arena is the name of the leather since the beginning, actually... Some retailers have "arena" in their systems as the name of the bag, but it got there because Bal used to offer the bags in multiple leathers, and they had to distinguish between arena, pebbled, etc. Now the moto bags are basically all arena - except for the crocodile/fabric/special-edition type bags.
  5. Okay- that makes sense! It just confuses me, when a shop like that Aloha place have got different colours in the First, in the City and then also in the Arena?! A friend of mine bought a City in a colour slightly darker than my Camel-and they said that colour was called Arena. Which colour could that be then?! Those shop assistants do not make it less confusing ;)

    Thanks for helping me out!
  6. I don't know - darker than camel? Current season? Don't know. Maybe just a dark camel? ;) But arena is not a color, for sure. And yes, SAs can definitely confuse things worse than they already are. There was an auction on eBay recently where the seller helpfully explained that an SA had told her that the Lampo zipper signature doesn't really read "Lampo", it's "Larry's" - as in "Larry's zipper company" - and all of us who think it's Lampo have it completely wrong.:rolleyes:
  7. Ha ha:smile:

    I think you are right about it being a Camel, just slightly darker. I have just bought the City in Camel (and that is sort of in between my First and her City for colour) to check whether I will have to keep that one and sell my newly bought First... But I do not think, I can part with my very First Balenciaga :s Even though I initially wanted the City in that colour, it feel wrong to change my mind now that I already have the First... Plus thee is that lovely green City... Oh, all these decisions :rolleyes:

  8. I have First in camel.. Its a gorgeous color!
  9. Yes, the colour is gorgeous, but I could not find a photo of your in your link?! But loads of other beautiful bags though:yes:

    Is it me or was there no photo of the First?