Very new---need help


Mar 19, 2009
I am new, not only to ignes, but also to the purse world. So glad I find ignes, and I immediately fall in love with it.

My friend plans to get a mini Chiara in Taupe, and I want a Gabby. but I am not sure about the size and leather.

1. I am 5'9, would mini Gabby look too small on me? or should I go for a regular gabby?

2. I like the tinted chocolate bag showed in the Gabbrielle photo threat, but could not find the leather in the swatchs post. Is it still available or it has been discontinued?

3. How long should we wait for our bags?

Thank you girls!:yahoo:


Sep 21, 2007
Hi and welcome!

1. I'd do full size w/ your height, unless you prefer a smaller bag usually.

2. Tinted chocolate is still available, from what I recall. Double check with Ignacio, but I think you are okay.

3. Normally 4-5 weeks, but with big sales, it can be as long as 6.5 weeks with all the orders.

Let us know if you have more questions!


Jul 13, 2007
Thank you so much for your reply, elizat. that helps! Is the tinted chocolate one posted in the Gabby photo regular size? Do they have more choices in Brown colors, such as a rich chestnut?

Ignes has a ton of browns. There is pretty much any shade you want. Tans, whiskey, cognac, dark brown, light brown, etc. I think I saw a chesnut, but not sure. I would email Ignacio to see.
Jul 14, 2008
Smile captain, welcome to Ignes and purseforum! You are going to love the customization of your bag. You have to see the designs and then choose the leathers and linings. It takes some time to decide, but if you are ready to order before the end of this week and you pair with any of us you can have a 35% discount. If not, there is also a new customer discount ( lower, but this way you dont have to rush to order).
If it is your first time to Designer bags, you will find all the bags expensive ( that it how it was for me), but if you look around, having a bag, just handmade for you, and you picking the model, leather, lining, and even engraving your name in it, it is so luxurious, and here at Ignes is not expensive at all. Warning- It is addicting :smile:!


Feb 25, 2008
hello smile captain! I agree with elizat, I just received a full size Gabrielle and think that if you are 5'9" it will be fine for you. I would only go for a mini if you are looking for a small bag. How big are your other bags? Would you be carrying a lot of things around? I personally love the full size (my first, after mini sizes in ormala, sofia & chiara).

If you check out the Ignes colors thread at the top of the Ignes subforum, you will see pictures of various colors. Some of them are from several months ago and may not be available, but most still are (I think). As lionlaw said, other colors may be available now that are not posted, so it's best to email Ignacio or Maria and find out what they have in stock right now.

Welcome to the Ignes subforum! Have fun designing a bag, and as nbl ^^ said, if you can make a decision by tomorrow then you can take advantage of a great sale. If not, you can still take advantage of the first time buyer discount.


Feb 25, 2008
Hmm, don't know about the hitchcock, but if you go to the handbags page of Ignes' website it will give the dimensions for both regular and mini gabrielles. Then you can compare them, and see which one would suit you better.