Very Much Loved LV, Chloe Paddys, Balenciaga and others

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  1. I started with Vuitton Patchwork in 2000, then fell madly in :heart: Cherry Blossom and Multicolore in 2002.
    Get bored with LV, moved on to Luella Giselle in 2005 and in the same year bought this so cute Ferragamo bowling bag.
    Then got caught in the hype of SATC Fendi Baguette :greengrin:.

    And never been as crazy as with Chloe Paddys. Have got Tan and Choc 2005, Whiskey and Blue Moyen 2006.

    With an unexpected event when trying to purchase another Chloe Paddy, found out a similar colour by Balenciaga.
    Now I can say I am a B Bag addict :drool:

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  2. Very cute collection! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Cute!
  4. Love your CB pochettes!!!
  5. OMG, i lveo your LV collection, espically the CB pochette and the mini sac!!
  6. Adorable pieces!!!:love: When do we get to see the rest?!:nuts:
  7. Love the pics you have so far ... can't wait to see the rest of your collection! It sounds gorgeous!
  8. Very nice!!
  9. Holy moley!!! All of your LV's still have brand spankin' new vachetta!!! :drool:
  10. Love the Conte de Fees!
  11. Wow great LE pieces!! Esp. the CB love with your Mini Sac too!
  12. love your cherry blossom collection. so gorgeous.
  13. Like you multicolor handbag:smile:
  14. Great bags - I love the cherry blossom bag - it is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. LOL!
    I actually forgot I have ever posted here :biggrin::lol:

    My collection has very much changed ever since my discovery of Balenciaga and finally, with the arrival beauty yesterday, I can claim I am content :nuts: