Very Much Confused!! Help me pick one.. Last Poll..


Which one to get first?

  1. Bronze Cotton Club Bowler

  2. Pink Luxe Bowler

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So.. I've been searching for my first non-flap, non-reissue Chanel Handbag.. Please help me which one to get first..

    1. Chanel Pink Luxe Bowler

    2. Chanel Bronze Cotton Club Bowler

    Please, please help me... As much as I wanted to get them both, I can only get one first... And then the rest.. Afterwards.. Please help me!! Thanks!
  2. hi Rica I don't remember seeing a pink lux bowler but since I love lux bowlers I'd say go for it!:smile:
  3. Ooh I love love love the luxe bowlers!! Get it and pleeease post pics when you do!
  4. Hi Rica, I voted again for the CC Bowler.

    How are you feeling BTW, are you on maternity leave right now?
  5. ^Not yet Nath! One more week to go... My last day in the office is 27th of July. :biggrin: I was actually feeling sick yesterday that I didn't went online that much yesterday.. :sad:

    Anyway, I found a photo of the Pink Luxe Bowler in the reference library for your guys' reference. :biggrin:


    It's the one in the middle.
  6. I'm voting for the cotton club, but only because I don't like pink!
  7. yeah, me too, the color is the turn-off in this poll :smile:
  8. Thanks guys! I already made my decision.. The Pink Salmon Luxe Bowler will have to go first! :biggrin: It's on layaway already! Thanks again! :biggrin:
  9. love the pink bowler rica! congrats
  10. The pink is very pretty!!
  11. oh I like it!so feminine !post pix when you get it!Take care!:smile:
  12. I voted for the bronze BB...I think it's more versatile and you'd get more use out of it.